64 foreigners arrested in large-scale immigration inspection

Shiv: Sixty-four foreigners, including four women, were arrested during a two-day immigration operation in Sibu and Mukah.

The Sarawak Immigration Department said the operations called “Opus Sapu” and “Opus Gegal” carried out on May 3 and 4 targeted various locations including rental houses, entertainment centres, construction sites and shipyards. announced that it had been targeted.

Acting on complaints and information gathered, the Sibu Immigration Enforcement Unit carried out operations in Sibu’s Rantau Panjang and Jalan Oya areas, as well as commercial establishments in Mukah.

During the operation, the team conducted document checks on 77 foreign nationals and 64 were detained for various offenses including illegal stay and lack of a valid Malaysian residence permit.

The ministry noted that the shipyard area of ​​Sibu had the highest number of foreigners arrested at 56.

The case is being investigated under sections 6(1)(c) and 15(1)(c) of the Immigration Act 1959/63.

In light of this, the Ministry called on both employers and foreign nationals to comply with the law by applying for appropriate permits to avoid legal repercussions.

The public is encouraged to report information regarding the presence of illegal immigrants in their area through online channels or directly to the nearest immigration office.

Reports can be emailed to aduanpati_hq@imi.gov.my from the following website: https://imi.spab.gov.my Or call the hotline 03-88801347.

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