Australian police shoot dead teenager who stabbed man

Police in Perth, Australia, have shot dead a 16-year-old boy who stabbed a man in a parking lot. Officials said the boy was under surveillance for suspected extremist tendencies.

The shooting happened just after 10pm on Saturday after Western Australian police received a report from a man who said he intended to commit violence, Police Commissioner Col Branch said at a press conference on Sunday morning. Stated. Members of the public also alerted police that the boy was in possession of a knife, and officers were called to the scene.

The incident comes just weeks after two stabbings that alarmed Australia. On April 13, a mass stabbing at a shopping mall in Sydney left six people dead and at least 12 others injured. A few days later, a 15-year-old boy was arrested for stabbing an Assyrian Orthodox bishop and several others to death during Mass. Police declared it an act of terrorism.

Branch said two police officers who arrived to confront the boy in Perth on Saturday drew Tasers and firearms. They tried to persuade him to drop the knife, but he did not comply and lunged at one of the officers.

After the officers fired a Taser, the suspect continued to advance toward the officer with the gun, who then shot and killed him. The boy died an hour later at the hospital.

The suspect stabbed a middle-aged man in the parking lot before confronting police. Authorities said the victim suffered a stab wound to the back and is in serious but stable condition.

Police said the suspect, a white male whose identity has not been released, had been known within law enforcement for several years to potentially have violent extremist tendencies. But Western Australian Premier Roger Cook said he concluded “he appears to have acted alone and alone” in Saturday’s attack.

“This is a very tragic event in Western Australia,” Branch told a news conference on Sunday.

“We are a peace-loving nation and there is no place for violent extremism in Australia.” Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said: Posted by X in response to Saturday’s episode.

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