BlockDAG’s 4-Month Vesting Period & 30,000x ROI Potential Draw Attention Amid Polygon’s Price Volatility & Toncoin’s Stability
BlockDAG announces $100M liquidity boost and 4-month vesting plan as ETH trading reverses and confidence in SHIB grows

Toncoin (TON) has maintained a stable price at just over $5, while Polygon (MATIC) has seen its price drop due to market fluctuations. Block DAG is evident due to the innovative and fair opportunities in the cryptocurrency field.

With $22.6 million raised in an active pre-sale and analysts predicting a potential 30,000x return, BlockDAG has a four-month vesting period that ensures fair growth returns for all stakeholders. has been set. This strategy builds trust, increases market stability, and sets BlockDAG apart with its commitment to fairness and long-term prosperity.

Polygon Analysis (MATIC) Pricing

Polygon (MATIC) has recently faced market hurdles, and its value has fluctuated wildly as a result of broader market trends. The currency remains within a descending channel, holding support at $0.60 and encountering resistance at $0.75. Despite the prevailing bearish trend in the short to medium term, there is a bullish outlook if MATIC can break above the $0.75 resistance.

This break could push the price towards $0.90, creating an opportunity for trend traders. Ambiguous signs from technical analysis such as MACD and RSI recommend cautious trading, focusing on potential breakout points above resistance levels.

Toncoin pricing shows consistency in a volatile market

In contrast, Toncoin (TON) presents a more stable scenario. Although a sharp decline was avoided, the TON price stabilized between $5.2 and $5.4. The 30-day MVRV suggests a potential accumulation phase and a price rebound is expected.

The MACD indicates that a bullish crossover is imminent, indicating the possibility of positive price movements soon. If TON crosses the key $5.4 resistance level, it could reach $6. Nevertheless, holders should be cautious as a failure to break out could send the price down to around $4.7, putting the bullish scenario at risk.

BlockDAG Announces 4-Month Vesting Strategy and $100M Liquidity Initiative

BlockDAG’s vesting schedule begins with a 40% airdrop at launch, promoting equity among all and affirming BlockDAG’s commitment to a transparent and fair environment.

With a $100 million liquidity guarantee and support from major market makers, BlockDAG’s prudent capital release aims to maintain market stability and strengthen confidence. This strong support highlights community trust and 30,000x ROI potential, redefining the standards of the crypto market.

Currencies such as Polygon (MATIC) and Toncoin (TON) experience varying degrees of price volatility and stability, but BlockDAG’s structured implementation helps smooth out rapid changes in the market. This positions BlockDAG as an attractive opportunity that is likely to attract more attention and funding. It also shows that the value of the coin could rise significantly soon and reach $20 by 2027.


BlockDAG has established a new benchmark in the cryptocurrency market, outperforming competitors such as Polygon (MATIC) and Toncoin (TON), especially in terms of security and growth potential.

BlockDAG not only ensures a level playing field for everyone by incorporating a 4-month fair vesting period and an initial $100 million in liquidity, but also It offers an attractive opportunity for those interested, especially with the upcoming beta release. In July, the x1 mining app was released.

With $22.6 million worth of funding already secured in the ongoing pre-sale, BlockDAG is well-positioned for impressive long-term success and is attractive to those looking to invest in reliable and fair cryptocurrencies. It is an option.

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