Moscow Energy Institute develops new technology for hydrogen production

Experts from the Moscow Institute of Energy have developed a new technology for hydrogen production.

The institute’s press office announced that gas from steel production as a byproduct of oxygen converters is used as a feedstock.

The press reports that this advanced technology is based on the addition of natural gas to the stream of converted gas (a by-product of metal manufacturing), which significantly lowers the temperature through the treatment of carbon dioxide gas, making this method is based on the principle of no waste when performing chemical energy storage processes.

According to calculations, every mining company has an annual production capacity of 10 million tons of converted steel and is capable of producing 92,000 tons of hydrogen. At the same time, greenhouse gas emissions within the company will be reduced by 947,000 tons per year.

Director of the Moscow Energy Research Institute Nikolai Rogalev said that new developments by our scientists will allow us to simultaneously solve two problems: reducing the carbon footprint of heavy industry and developing new affordable hydrogen production technologies. Ta. Moreover, this method is a new step in intensive energy saving methodology.

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