Opinion | My plea from prison: Malaysia must choose freedom over oppression

Anwar Ibrahim is the founder of the People’s Justice Party and former deputy prime minister of Malaysia.

Sungai Buloh Prison, Malaysia — Yesterday, Malaysia’s Federal Court heard my final appeal to overturn my politically motivated wrongful detention by the Malaysian government. It will probably be many months before a final decision is made on my case. But what is really at stake in Malaysia is the catastrophic descent of what was supposed to be a shining example of pluralistic democracy in a multi-religious Muslim-majority country into authoritarian kleptocracy. That’s true. My final appeal could be Prime Minister Najib Razak and his cynically controlled judiciary’s last chance to put Malaysia back on track to repairing its much tarnished reputation on the world stage. be. But without the support of the international community and the help of President Obama, my fate is predetermined.

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