Qatar commits to role as honest mediator between Israel and Hamas: diplomatic source Israel’s war in Gaza News

Diplomatic sources told NDMT that Qatar would not tolerate being used as a means of putting pressure on the negotiating parties.

Diplomatic sources told NDMT Arabic that Qatar would not accept being used as a means of putting pressure on any political party and would maintain its role as an honest mediator in the Hamas-Israel mediation. He emphasized that he was doing his best.

Sources asserted on Sunday that Qatar does not impose itself on parties and cannot undertake any mediation unless requested, including the current mediation between Hamas and Israel. Stated.

Sources said Qatar will not tolerate interference from any political party that affects the integrity of its role.

Diplomatic sources say Qatar’s mediation has upset some parties who have sought to criticize and attack Qatar, pressuring Qatar to change from an honest mediator to a means of putting pressure on parties. Qatar has never successfully mediated a case before. Both international and regional, including Palestinian files.

Qatar’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani said the Doha government was evaluating its role in the mediation, adding that Qatar did not want the mediation to be based on what they called narrow politics. He emphasized that he sees it as being misused for personal gain.

On Saturday, informed officials told Reuters that Qatar may close the Hamas movement’s political office in Doha as part of a broader review of the mediation between the movement and Israel. revealed.

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