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Samsung Malaysia combines technological innovation with Semua House Kuala Lumpur to create an immersive experience powered by Galaxy AI

Samsung Malaysia and Semua House, an iconic landmark located in Kuala Lumpur’s vibrant textile district, have announced an innovative collaboration that brings together the worlds of art and technology. Samsung Malaysia is transforming Semua House with a variety of innovative art and culture creative offerings. This partnership not only strengthens the distinct brand identity of Samsung Galaxy and Semua House, but also redefines the consumer experience with an unconventional and fresh touch with the Galaxy S24 series, powered by Galaxy AI.

“Samsung is dedicated to fostering creativity in a variety of fields. We are committed to blending Malaysia’s rich heritage with urban influence and technological advances to pioneer a new era of innovation and expression. , we are proud to support aspiring homegrown artists,” said Elaine Soh, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Malaysia. “Through our collaboration with Semour House, we aim to encourage consumers to explore their creativity and express it without limits.”

Connecting artists and audiences through Galaxy AI

From March 21 to April 29, 2024, experience KA.IN, the newest fashion community space that seamlessly unites artistry, diversity, and sustainability. Join Malaysian artists Dhani Illiani, Amani Azlin, and Shahrina Shahrin on an immersive journey through her three experience stations powered by Galaxy AI. Explore their creative vision and connect with their artistry like never before. Read below to learn more about the experience stations.

  • Immersive Raya Dark Room – Stepping into the KA.IN exhibition’s immersive darkroom, masterpieces by three female artists await, allowing visitors to explore a fascinating blend of tradition and innovation. Experience the nightgraphy features of the Galaxy S24 series first-hand as you delve into the vibrant atmosphere of Semua House during Ramadan and Raya.
  • Balik Kampung photo booth – Conceptualized by Dhani Illiani, visitors will encounter a vibrant photo booth setup decorated with colorful and whimsical printed cutouts, inviting them to take beautiful snapshots of their experience with the Galaxy S24 series Probably. An interactive twist is added to the encounter, allowing visitors to this zone to take on missions to complete using one of his Galaxy AI features.
  • Raya Photo Art Exhibition – Immerse yourself in the vibrant cityscape of Kuala Lumpur. This exhibition features a fusion of traditional artwork and digital photo prints taken using the Galaxy S24 series by Dhani Iriani, Amani Azrin, and Sharina Sharin. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, each image provides a unique perspective on our dynamic city. Visitors can immerse themselves in these masterpieces and interact with them using the Circle to Search with Google feature on the Galaxy S24 series.

Visitors will be given a mission card to experience Galaxy AI and complete all three experience stations. Additionally, follow the steps below to redeem your treats from Samsung Malaysia.[1]:

  1. Scan the QR code and fill out the online form to register and receive your mission card
  2. Complete all three stations and present your stamped mission card to the crew.
  3. Redeem for a RM10 meal voucher to be used at Sem Arasa Food Court.

If you want to try Galaxy AI on your own device, you can download the Try Galaxy app to experience it for yourself[2] Available for all Android devices including Galaxy(1) models.Download the app and redeem your prize on the spot[3] By showing the downloaded app to your Samsung Assistant at work.

Learn more about the Try Galaxy app here:

Galaxy Ai-Volution

But wait, there’s more to the takeover! Get ready for the ultimate immersive adventure with the Galaxy AI-powered escape room experience on the Galaxy S24 series. Stay tuned to Samsung Malaysia’s social media channels for the latest updates.



For more information on the Galaxy S24 series, please see below.

[1] Limited to stock. Terms and conditions apply.
[2] The Try Galaxy app is available on supported Android OS smartphones with the latest version of Chrome, but may not be fully optimized depending on device model, settings, screen size, etc. The app runs on Safari, iPhone 7 or later with iOS 14. that’s all.
[3] Limited to stock.Terms apply

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