Sunway’s groundbreaking partnership brings America’s most innovative education to Malaysia

Sunway University’s American College of Education, in collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU), provides Malaysian students with affordable access to top US degree programs in high-employability fields and ASU’s educational programs in Malaysia. We offer experience.

Sunway University builds on its almost 20-year partnership with Lancaster University, supports esteemed collaborations with Harvard University, Oxford University, Cambridge University and MIT, and has now announced its latest collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU). We are proud to announce our partnership. This impressive portfolio of partnerships continues to underline Sunway’s continued commitment to providing excellent educational opportunities to students.

In partnership with ASU, ranked the most innovative university in the United States by US News and World Report, Sunway University’s American School of Education (SAE) offers existing and prospective students an enhanced American educational experience. We have built a groundbreaking cooperative relationship to provide A complete, world-class degree program based on the American curriculum.

Through this partnership, Sunway University aims to establish a complete American degree program with ASU, as well as incorporate ASU’s curriculum and experience into the established American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP). Sunway students will not only be able to take full advantage of credit transfer to ASU, but will also be able to enhance both programs with the resources of a top US university.

“This partnership emphasizes innovation-driven learning experiences that equip students with the knowledge, skills, values ​​and mindset they need to succeed in global careers,” Sunway University said.

Across borders, these students undergo a transformative journey and emerge as global citizens with remarkable independence and accomplishment. Among my students, I see a group of go-getters who are relentlessly pursuing opportunities on the international stage and seizing every opportunity to advance their careers with determination. ”
— Dr. Sim Tsein, Dean of American Education, Sunway University

In the American full degree program, students have the option of completing all four years of study at Sunway University’s state-of-the-art campus in Malaysia, or physically transferring to ASU’s innovative campus in the United States for the final year. Masu.

Planned majors in the full American degree program include computer science, digital communications, advertising, global management, new media studies, and psychology, with the addition of digital media design and business technology planned .

“Since these are offered locally, we considered both local and US demand. Graduates of these programs are in demand not only locally but also in the US,” said Associate Professor Shim, Dean of the School of American Education at Sunway University. Dr. Tzein says.

Capitalizing on this demand, students who choose to spend their final year at ASU will have up to three years of study time for STEM subjects and a U.S. You will be entitled to one year of practical experience. STEM subjects.

This opportunity to gain a foothold in your career immediately after graduating from university is part of your student visa. This allows students to seamlessly enter their field of interest and start building the career they envisioned from the beginning.

By choosing this route, students are well-prepared to build their career paths thanks to ASU’s world-class suite of content and curriculum, which makes the university the No. The company has been able to remain at the forefront of innovation. Selected for US News and World Report 2024, ahead of world-renowned Stanford University.

This is evidenced by the fact that ASU attracts Nobel Prize winners and notable alumni, and that ASU is “not about who we exclude, but about who we include and how they succeed.” We have achieved this through our charter of being a university rated by the university.

“ASU’s commitment to inclusivity and sustainability is fully aligned with Sunway’s core values ​​of humility, integrity and excellence. These innovative programs with ASU will help our alumni will ensure that they remain highly employable, entrepreneurial, sustainability-minded and future-ready,” said Professor Sibrandes Poppema, President of Sunway University.

ASU is also ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world by the Center for World University Rankings in 2023-2024 and in the top 150 universities in the world by the Shanghai Rankings in 2023.

Sunway University’s dynamic and flexible path to the United States

The complete American degree program offered by SAE is in addition to the existing ADTP, where students study for 1-2 years in Malaysia and complete the remaining 3-2 years at their preferred U.S. university through a flexible credit transfer system. students can customize their educational pathway.

Additionally, through our partnership with ASU, Sunway joins the ASU Cintana Alliance network, a curated global network of exemplary and ambitious universities that collaborate in developing high-quality, innovative academic programs.

With over 30 years of experience in operating ADTP, Sunway University is strengthening the benefits of the program to students through its partnership with ASU. In addition to being a preferred transfer destination for students, her ADTP students at Sunway University will enjoy the privilege of SAE’s membership in the Cintana Alliance.

In addition to having access to ASU’s innovative courses, ADTP students also have the opportunity to learn from visiting professors from Cintana Alliance member universities who teach on the Sunway University campus.

“ADTP students not only get a lot of information from Sunway University’s dedicated faculty, but they also have access to ASU professors and professors within this network,” says Sim.

Behind the scenes, but still important, is Sunway University’s experienced and extensive support system of academic advising, counseling and mental health services to help guide students to the next step in life.

In addition to formal education and hand-in-hand support throughout student life, the flexibility of American degrees allows students to develop their personalities in the United States, expand their worldviews, and improve their worldviews, Sim said. You can develop your own educational path alongside expanding opportunities. Seeds of future career success.

“They really develop a sense of independence and a sense of accomplishment when they go abroad. Many of my students are go-getters. They do their best to secure their respective jobs to advance their careers. ,” says Sim.

“Getting out of your comfort zone is very important and is another strength of American degree programs.”

Professor Datuk Elizabeth Lee, CEO of Sunway Education Group, said that Sunway University has 30 years of experience in operating ADTP, and through this collaboration with ASU, Sunway University will provide the best American education in Malaysia. He said that he would strengthen his dedication to this.

“We believe this innovative partnership will further strengthen Malaysia’s cross-border education environment and enable students to thrive in a globally competitive world,” said Mr Lee.

“We warmly welcome students who have recently completed their SPM/IGCSE exams to join us on this extraordinary academic journey.”

Interested students can inquire about the program during open days on June 8th and 9th. This year his ADTP admissions will take place in June and September. For more information, please contact Ms Wai Yee ([019] 664 7232) or [email protected].

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