Bekiss Bull Bettis re-recording board: Shima

shiv: Malaysian singer Nor Ashima Ramli (also known as Baby Sima) has refuted accusations that she was the subject of a police report filed by a veteran Iban artist over the re-recording of “Bekikis Bulu Betis”. He denied it.

According to the singer, permission was obtained before re-recording the song.

“Many people are spreading false accusations against Sima, tagging me and claiming that I am being sued.

“Sorry everyone, but before its release, Sima had asked for permission for the song ‘Berkikis Bulu Betis’. It cannot be published without permission,” she wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday (May 5). mentioned in.

Baby Shima’s version of this song was released last year.

On Saturday (May 4), singer and original creator of the song “Bekikis Bulu Betis”, Penghulu Andrewson Ngalai Asom, accused a company of recording and copying a video clip of the song without his permission, which was then uploaded on social media. He expressed his regret.

Mr Ngarai said the company did not seek his permission beforehand.

He stressed that lawyers will investigate and ensure accountability.

“They will be held liable under copyright law. If we don’t address this, we’re condoning copyright infringement.

“We urge all parties involved to delete all unauthorized recordings from social media or face legal liability,” he warned.

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