Crypto Whale Spends $10.4 Million On PEPE, Do They Know Something You Don’t?

a Cryptocurrency whale trading The third largest meme coin by market capitalization is involved, pepe, has attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency community. The size of this deal, along with other whale deals, suggests it may be time to pay up. pay more attention To Pepe.

Crypto Whale spends $10.4 million on PEPE

On-chain analysis platform Spotonchain We revealed a wallet (3eAaAC3C9) that purchased 1,238 billion PEPE from Binance at an average price of $0.000008424 ($10.4 million). This wallet was then used by him to withdraw tokens in two transactions. On-chain data shows that the whale withdrew 322.5 billion PEPE. first transaction The remaining 915.85 billion PEPE is second transaction.

As of this writing, the whales are not moving the tokens, suggesting they may be looking to hold them for the long term. It appears that some prominent and smart traders have been accumulating meme coins recently, perhaps in anticipation of significant price movements from them. Spotonchain also recently revealed that two whales withdrew his 660.7 billion PEPE. Binance And Mexico.

platform too mentioned Another whale withdrew 322.48 billion PEPE ($2.68 million) from Binance for the first time. Most recently, Spotonchain caught the attention of the crypto community with smart traders who have been profiting from meme coins since last year. The trader is said to have completed eight trades and realized a cumulative profit of $917,000.

Looking at PEPE’s performance since the beginning of the year, it’s no surprise that these whales are interested in meme coins. data PEPE is up over 500% year-to-date (YTD), according to data from CoinMarketCap. bullish momentum It looks like it’s far from over. Interestingly, many traders are yet to ride the wave. The number is just over 200,000. possession meme coin.

Prices will soon reach new all-time highs (ATH)

Virtual currency analyst Plasma recently was suggested PEPE could soon be hit hard new Best ever. PEPE’s current ATH is $0.00001074 and the meme coin is trading just 20% below this price level.Crypto analyst Yazan also hinted The meme coin will soon hit an all-time high. He asked his followers if they were ready for this to happen.

PEPE currently ranks as the 30th largest crypto token by market capitalization and could move up even higher if it eventually reaches its new ATH. Murad, a crypto analyst and trader, believes that memecoin has the potential to emerge as a top 10 crypto token by market capitalization. predicted What PEPE can flip Shiba Inu (SHIB) and perhaps Dogecoin (DOGE).

As of this writing, Memecoin has fallen over the past 24 hours and is trading at around $0.000008615. data From CoinMarketCap.

Token price drops to $0.0000084 | Source: PEPEUSDT on

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