Cybersecurity experts: Many water utilities are still unaware of the threat

Subscriber + Exclusive Interview — last week Cryptography overview We have published the results of a study on the threat to the nation’s water supply posed by cyber-attacks. The issue was brought to the fore by a series of recent hacks of local water utilities across the United States. Although the damage caused by the attack was limited, Cryptography overview Experts say some perpetrators, particularly those associated with nation-states such as Russia, China and Iran, are looking for vulnerabilities in regional water systems, which they can use if they want to carry out more damaging attacks. It warned that it was likely aimed at establishing a cyber foothold. future.

The FBI director has issued a warning on this issue. christopher ray From the Environmental Protection Agency and the White House We asked governors across the country Develop a plan by June 28 to address cybersecurity risks in each state’s water system.

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