Israeli military accidentally shoots down 40% of drones

U.S. Navy military officials have revealed that there were serious flaws in the Israeli military’s capabilities and that about 40% of its drones were shot down by mistake.

Lt. Col. Michael Broden, a U.S. Marine Corps official, said at least 40 percent of the drones intercepted by Israeli forces over Gaza were Israeli drones.

Michael Broden added that the soldiers’ failure to recognize the enemy resulted in mutual fire and halting the march.

Broden himself did not say in which arena the Israeli army intercepted this large number of drones, but the Hebrew-language Globus reported that considering the scope of the mutual attack, most There is a high possibility that it was in the Gaza Strip. “Website.

He cited the numbers as an example of the challenges that U.S. military air defense systems also face in distinguishing between friendly and enemy aircraft.

The US official added: “If the Israeli military finds a drone on the front line in Gaza, what if it’s not detected right away? They’ll intercept it.”

He said the interception process is virtual, as the time frame between detection and impact of a drone can reach “several seconds”.

Broden said such false intercepts will become more of a problem as the number of drones in the skies increases.

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