Pinay fined for helping manage employment agency without license


The unlicensed employment agency was located here

A Filipina has been fined $10,000 for helping operate an employment
agency without a license, after pleading guilty at the Kowloon City Court.

Nena A. Baluyos, 52, was
meted the punishment by Deputy Magistrate Lau Hon-wang on April 29 after she responded
to a summons to appear in court to answer a charge laid by the Labour

The charge, dated Feb. 22, 2023, described her offense as assisting
in the management of an employment agency “being neither the holder of a
licence or certificate of exemption in respect of an employment agency, nor an
associate of the holder….”

The offense — violating Section 51(1) and and punished by
Section 60(6) of the Employment Ordinance — was committed between February 2019
and October 13, 2022 at Shop B22, 1/F Planet Square, 1-15 Tay Man St. Hung Hom,
the complaint said.

The name of the agency was not mentioned.

Baluyos apparently got off lightly.

Section 51(1) of the ordinance provides that: “A person must
not operate, manage or assist in the management of an employment agency unless
the person—

“(a)is the holder of a licence or certificate of exemption
issued in respect of the employment agency; or

“(b)is an associate of the holder.”

Section 61(6) Ordinance specifies that the punishment for a “person
who contravenes section 51(1)” is a fine of $350,000 and imprisonment for
three years.

To find out if an employment agency you are dealing with is licensed, go to:

The Labour Department hotline for Foreign Domestic Helpers is 2157 9537.


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