Snapchat has new practical features

Some websites reported that Snapchat will be adding new features that will make communicating through the app more fun.

According to the latest leaks, the application will have a new feature that will allow users to change messages after they have been sent. Users can change their messages for up to five minutes from the time they are sent, but this feature is available to subscribers of her Snapchat Plus service.

Snapchat now features My AI Assistant, which works with artificial intelligence technology to give users the new ability to set reminders. Reminders can now be set by communicating directly with the Assistant or by allowing users to create reminders in conversations with other users. of the application.

New artificial intelligence technologies can also help create unique and expressive images that allow application users to change many image elements, such as clothing and hairstyle.

Snapchat users will also get new emojis and additional photo editing features powered by ’90s AI Lens technology. It also provides a new way to interact with other users through the waving symbol that appears on the map as you pass through a location, allowing you to share it in a unique way.

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