Citywide search after woman ‘abducted’

Police have launched a citywide search for a black private car after a woman was allegedly abducted in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday afternoon. It comes after passersby heard the woman call for help and alerted the police.

Despite police setting up roadblocks around the area in an effort to look for the getaway vehicle, the woman remains missing.

Sources at the scene said a black Volkswagen was parked near the junction of Ashley Road and Ichang Street, where the woman, around 20 to 30 years old, was seated outside a shop smoking an e-cigarette.

According to surveillance footage from the bar next door, a man in dark clothes and shoes was sitting about a meter away from the woman. He was also smoking a cigarette, but moved towards Ichang Street after apparently receiving a message on his mobile phone.

About 20 seconds later, another man was caught coming from Ashley Road, walking towards the woman, before approaching her with the man, suspected to be the same person smoking a cigarette earlier.

The two men dragged the woman, one on each side, towards Ashley Road, before disappearing from the video. Police sources said that after the woman was taken to the car, the vehicle fled in the direction of Mong Kok.

“We received multiple reports of the incident from bystanders, and our officers immediately rushed to the scene, and found a woman’s shoe, which is believed to belong to the abducted woman,” a police source said.

“We subsequently activated ‘Operation Exigent’ to deploy officers at strategic locations to conduct observation and set up roadblocks to intercept the suspects, which is usually used when criminals escape by road or by sea after committing a serious crime.”

The suspects remain at large, and the woman is still missing.

It is understood that after watching multiple CCTV footage from nearby shops, a preliminary investigation found that the woman appeared to be “waiting for someone before sitting down outside a shop and was abducted not long after.”

Police believe there are three men involved in the case, including the driver, one source said.

The case is now being followed up by Yau Tsim District’s crime unit, and listed as false imprisonment.


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