International conference of religious leaders begins this morning

kuala lumpur: The 2024 International Conference of Religious Leaders opened this morning at the Sunway Resort Hotel in Petaling Jaya, with approximately 2,000 religious and intellectuals from 57 countries in attendance.

The event, considered the most important international conference of religious leaders hosted by the Asian continent, was held in the presence of Muslim World League (MWL) Secretary-General and Chairman of Muslim Scholars Organization, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim; will serve as the moderator. , Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Abdulkarim Al Issa.

In the preface to the event’s book, Mr. Anwar said that the gathering’s theme, “Unity in Diversity,” is one of the most pressing issues of our time, against the backdrop of a zeitgeist marked by dissonance, dissonance, and division. Therefore, he said that it is the most important.

“Despite the growth of globalization over the past half century and the ubiquity of the Internet, we are witnessing the emergence of fractures in our societies. “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t hear from them,” he said.

In this regard, Mr. Anwar said that while an honest reflection on the shortcomings of the past is the only way forward, the socio-economic challenges that are the root of today’s grievances must be addressed seriously, honestly and equitably. said it must be done.

Prime Minister Anwar said all leaders have a moral obligation to bridge the cracks that exist in society through universal and egalitarian values, and parochialism must give way to progressivity.

“We have to go beyond surface-level differences such as the color of our skin, the languages ​​we speak, and the religions we practice,” he said, adding that true leadership lies in the ability to see beyond these differences. .

Mr Anwar is also optimistic that Malaysia’s diverse social tapestry will provide the right backdrop for a conference on understanding and unity.

Following the one-day event, the 2024 Asian Religious Scholars Conference will be held tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Mandarin Oriental in the capital.

Both events are hosted by the Office of the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) and the Malaysian Ministry of Islamic Development (Jakim) in collaboration with MWL. – Barnama

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