The SUN HK : Lalyn’s journey of empowerment


MFMW volunteers at work: Lalyn has taken comfort in being one of them  

article chronicles the life of a Filipina domestic worker from the time she was
sacked after being accused of child abuse and theft, and provided help by the
Mission for Migrant Workers. Through her volunteer work with the MFMW, Lalyn
has learned to provide help to others, while realizing that she is not alone
in her struggles).

Lalyn, a Filipino domestic worker from Cebu, has
been working in Hong Kong since 2022.

Here, she found herself in a challenging situation
after being unexpectedly let go by her employer and accused of child abuse and
theft. Lalyn’s world turned upside down.

She spent one night in detention and had to post
bail to be released. It was a painful process. She didn’t know what she should
do next. But with the help of the Mission For Migrant Workers and the Bethune
House Women Migrants Refuge, Lalyn found the support and guidance she needed to
navigate through her difficult circumstances. She was provided with paralegal
assistance and taught how to handle challenging situations that migrant workers
often face.

“My situation was tough: I had no work and I had
three kids in the Philippines that I couldn’t support. I was discouraged that
someone made such an accusation against me”, Lalyn said.

However, despite the hardships she faced, Lalyn
refused to give up. Feeling empowered by the support she received, Lalyn
decided to join a team called “Movers” that supported co-migrants
through training and hands-on experience. Lalyn learned how to assist other
migrant workers in need, from filling out forms to providing emotional support.

“I now know how to handle people who come seeking
help. What to do if someone’s contract is being terminated on the spot? What
should I say to calm someone down when they are in a very difficult situation?
I also learnt to show my care. Are you hungry? Do you want water or coffee? I
asked those who came for help,” said Lalyn.

Despite the setbacks and uncertainties in her case,
Lalyn remained resilient and hopeful for a fresh start in Hong Kong. She found
strength in the stories of other migrant workers she met along the way,
realizing that she was not alone in her struggles.“Every time I saw a police or
immigration officer before I felt scared of them but now not anymore. I know
what to do now and I appreciate the opportunities to help others with my

Through her journey of hardship and empowerment,
Lalyn transformed her fear into courage and her despair into determination. She
learned to face challenges head-on and to advocate for her rights and the
rights of others in similar situations.

As Lalyn continues to wait for a resolution in her
case, she remains hopeful and determined to rebuild her life in Hong Kong. Her
story is a testament to the power of resilience, community support, and the
unwavering spirit of those who refuse to be silenced in the face of adversity.

(From MFMW Migrant Focus)


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