Two communication towers in Toto Ward provide services to residents.3 more coming soon

Five The new communication tower under the Sarawak Multimedia Authority Rural Telecommunications (SMART) initiative in Dudong constituency is expected to be completed by early 2025.

Telecommunications Deputy Minister Datuk Liwang Lagang said two towers are already operational and the remaining three are at various stages of implementation and will be completed gradually.

Currently, 14 communication towers are operational along Naman Road and KJD Road, providing 4G services to residents of the area.

“The 4G communication towers will be installed at SMK Sibu Jaya, Rimbunan Hijau Headquarters, Sibu Jaya Park, Sibu Jaya Flat, Lorong Sibu Jaya, Jalan Salem, SK Ulu Sungai Naman, SK Ulu Sungai Senggan, Rumah Redom Stabau, SK Sungai Menyang, and Rumah Nanga. , SK Assan Nungan, Jalan Salim Stabaw 3, SG Ulu Menyan, Kanowit Junction,” in response to a question from Datuk Seri Tiong King Singh (GPS-Dudong) during today’s Q&A. Stated.

In the same regard, Mr Liwan said the Sarawak government had increased funding to RM2.25 billion to facilitate the expansion of telecommunications infrastructure and enhance internet coverage.

He further said that 16 towers have been allocated under the Federal Government’s National Digital Network Program (Jendera), 13 of which are already operational and the remaining three will be completed by the end of the year. Stated.

Mr Liwan said the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) regularly conducts network audits, including voice call quality assessments, across Sarawak, particularly in Dudong, to ensure compliance with mandatory standards. .

“In 2023, seven network audits were conducted by MCMC around Jalan KJD, Taman Sentria, Kienan District, Jalan Rada, Jalan Mantis Selatan, Jalan Amber and Sibu Jaya markets.

“The next audit of Dudong, including Jalan Naman, will be conducted in the second half of this year,” he said.

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