Worldcoin Rockets 44% Post-Buffett Bombshell

world coin [WLD] has soared 30% in one week, emerging as one of the most popular crypto tokens today alongside Litecoin’s LTC. Despite hitting a low in late April, the controversial AI token saw its market capitalization surge by more than 44% in May.Token rebound coming middle Warren Buffett’s recent controversial comments concern potentially illegal financial activities that are becoming increasingly prevalent due to the accessibility of artificial intelligence.

Today’s top trending tokens in cryptocurrencies are: Worldcoin WLD: The AI ​​asset’s market capitalization has increased +44% year-to-date in May after bottoming at the end of April. It also appears to have been helped by Warren Buffett’s recent controversial comments about potentially illegal financial activities that are becoming more prevalent thanks to the accessibility of artificial intelligence. Litecoin LTC: There is renewed interest in the prospects for future Litecoin ETFs in the context of Grayscale.

world coin

WLD’s on-chain statistics show an increase in trading volume and a sudden rise in WorldCoin’s open interest, suggesting that whale activity and possible liquidations could increase price volatility. Data from Santiment shows that the overall WLD funding rate across all exchanges fell from 0.008% to 0.001% in 24 hours, with the increase in open interest mainly driven by an increase in short positions. I did.

Possibility of World Coin outflow and Litecoin ETF to revitalize the market

The above data highlights a significant increase in traders speculating a fall in WLD prices as asset values ​​soar. Furthermore, the exchange’s inflows are 454,380 WLD, while outflows are approximately 542,360 WLD, resulting in a net outflow of 87,980 coins in one day. These on-chain transactions suggest that certain investors are hoarding WorldCoin despite the gloomy outlook for the asset.

Meanwhile, another trending crypto, Litecoin’s LTC, is gaining attention among traders. The possibility of a future Litecoin ETF has sparked renewed interest, especially due to its association with Grayscale. Grayscale recently recorded its first inflow after experiencing significant outflows following the launch of the BTC ETF in January.

Previously, the world’s largest digital asset management company announced single-asset products including the Grayscale Litecoin Trust. [LTCN], became an SEC reporting company. The move signals growing institutional investor interest in LTC as a viable investment option.

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