Gig workers crave traditional benefits enjoyed by their fulltime worker peers. Jod aims to bridge the gap

Last week, Jobs on Demand (Jod), Singapore’s multi-industry flexible on-demand gig work platform, introduced JodRewards, an initiative designed to motivate users to complete tasks on the Jod platform while extending worker benefits to those engaged in the gig economy. The launch followed a local survey among 1,000 Jod Members, revealing that eight out of ten respondents felt deprived of traditional employment benefits as gig workers.

Comprehensively tailored to meet the unique needs of gig workers, JodRewards seeks to elevate the support and security standards within the gig economy by affording gig workers the same benefits full-time employees enjoy. The programme, currently boasting an estimated 60,000 Jod Members, has witnessed over 1,000 active engagements and a redemption of 65,000 points (equivalent to S$$12,755 worth of rewards) since its soft launch in April.

These points, earned based on user tiering and total hours worked per job, can be redeemed for various rewards, including transport, meal, and grocery vouchers, with values of up to S$20 each. Additionally, members can partake in challenges. Nearly 800 members engaged in challenges throughout April, earning points that can be exchanged for benefits such as paid break time and paid annual leave, providing a financial payout for rest days.

“In our inaugural year at Jod, we are targeting to disburse over 1 million JodPoints, translating into more than S$200,000 in cash benefits to our members. This initiative is expected to bolster our platform’s fulfilment rate by 25 per cent while simultaneously reducing no-shows and cancellations by 30 per cent,” says Sebastian San, Country Manager (Singapore) at Jod, in an email to e27.

“Additionally, we are committed to elevating the safety and security of our gig workers. We plan to roll out enhanced protection measures and a broader range of benefits to ensure a safer and more supportive environment for our members very soon.”

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San further explains that the company’s user acquisition strategy is designed to be as dynamic and diverse as the gig economy itself and tailored to meet the needs of the particular job in demand and its members.

“We employ a multifaceted approach that includes leveraging digital marketing to reach a broad audience efficiently, implementing referral programmes that incentivise our current users to bring in new members, and forming strategic partnerships with key employers and sectors relevant to our services,” he says.

“Furthermore, we strongly emphasise building a supportive community that benefits both Jod Members and employers, ensuring that we meet the evolving needs of all stakeholders. The expansive data analytics and market insights have also allowed us to refine our strategies, improve job matching accuracy, and ultimately increase fulfilment rates across our platform. Our goal is to not only attract new users but also create a thriving ecosystem where all participants can find value and opportunities.”

Empowering gig workforce

Jod, a mobile-first digital platform, aims to streamline the process for employers to find and manage their workforce efficiently. With a focus on simplicity, flexibility, and accessibility, Jod utilises technology to create user-friendly products.

Established in 2015, the company introduced Southeast Asia’s pioneering gig work platform, JodGig.

Since 2020, Jod has operated as a subsidiary of Janakuasa, a prominent Singaporean energy multinational corporation, as part of its newly launched New Ventures division. As a member of the Janakuasa group, San says that Jod takes pride in aligning with an organisation renowned for its innovation and commitment to sustainability. While Janakuasa focuses on providing sustainable energy solutions, Jod harnesses the spirit of empowerment to support gig workers through innovative platforms and technologies, contributing to the advancement of the gig economy.

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“Leveraging Janakuasa’s expansive pool of resources has allowed Jod to develop robust and extensive research aiming at our target audiences, enabling us to continually enhance our app and services to stay tip-top and relevant. Additionally, this affiliation allows us to reach an established customer base and significantly broadens our market reach. It also lends us credibility and strengthens our position in the market by associating us with Janakuasa, a respected and trusted brand,” San explains.

“These benefits collectively fuel our mission to empower the workforce of tomorrow and drive our growth in the gig economy.”

The Singapore team at Jod comprises 15 dedicated members across various functions, including product development, business development, marketing, operations, and customer and business support.

“We cultivate a culture of collaboration and inclusivity, recognising that every individual’s contributions are integral to our collective success. By fostering an environment where diverse perspectives are valued, we empower our team to innovate, problem-solve, and drive growth effectively,” San says.

Looking forward to 2024, Jod is gearing up for regional expansion into the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

“As part of this expansion strategy, we plan to expand our team further, bringing onboard new talent to bolster our capabilities and extend our impact across the region. With a commitment to excellence and a collaborative mindset, we are poised to navigate the challenges and opportunities of our expansion, driving towards our vision of empowering the gig economy and fostering sustainable growth in Southeast Asia.”

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