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Implementing automation and technology to improve the efficiency of each business function is paramount in today’s digital world. Numerous SaaS applications have entered the market as a result. However, companies spend an average of $1,040 on SaaS apps per employee, and 50% of licenses are not entirely maximised according to the Gartner 2022 Market Guide

As organisations grow, IT teams need more support in tracking, securing, and optimising their technology stack. Gone are the days of managing SaaS subscriptions through spreadsheets and databases. Centralised IT management software becomes crucial to oversee the entire SaaS landscape, ensuring centralised control and visibility.

Access and data security are important to ensuring internal stakeholders have appropriate access permissions, thus securing customer and company-owned information. “Shadow IT” refers to the unauthorised use of IT hardware or software within an organisation, often involving cloud services, software, or hardware, without the knowledge of the IT or security department. A SaaS management platform can illuminate the use of shadow IT, helping businesses secure their tech stack, optimise their investments, and enable informed decision-making.

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Another benefit of a central SaaS Management Platform is gaining end-user utilisation insights. Many subscriptions are purchased, but without proper oversight into how well they are being used, organisations begin overspending on licences and apps they are no longer using. A dashboard would also help teams proactively negotiate contract renewals, reeling in licence leakage and regaining control over the IT budget.

By integrating with hundreds of applications and external data sources, this Tokyo-founded company provides IT with a single platform for tracking all approved applications, streamlining employee onboarding, monitoring shadow IT, and managing SaaS sprawl. With Josys’s power, IT teams can eliminate manual tasks, optimise their licence footprint, and reduce risk.

A holistic approach to equipping IT with 360-degree control over SaaS inventory

Josys is the SaaS and Device Management Platform that simplifies how IT works by making it easier to visualise user access, analyse utilisation trends, and automate provisioning processes. 

By leveraging APIs and integrating with hundreds of applications, Josys empowers IT with a single portal for assigning licences and devices to employees, monitoring user access, and tracking adoption.  IT teams can save time by eliminating dependencies on multiple spreadsheets and disparate tools,  easily optimise IT costs, and securely govern access to company data with Josys.  

The following features and benefits are available for Josys users:

  • Users can expose blind spots by cataloguing apps and devices through a real-time dashboard that integrates hundreds of apps and data sources. Managers can easily create custom views and quick filters for fast navigation and automatically identify shadow apps and users on their network.
  • IT can prevent licence leakage by analysing usage and controlling costs. Management can grant role-based permissions, identify utilisation trends, and track device refresh cycles to secure company assets and optimise IT spending. Business owners can also make more informed decisions by comparing licence consumption trends to minimise redundancies. They can view summary reports of departmental IT expenses and immediately spot access violations and revoke permissions.
  • Lastly, the dashboard can eliminate manual tasks and implement workflow automation to expedite provisioning during employee onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between. Josys allows managers to efficiently onboard employees with bulk licence provisioning, proactively schedule employee access for a seamless Day 1, and systematically de-provision access with a single click.

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Achieving rapid success, Josys secured $32M in Series A funding in September 2022, followed by an impressive $93M in Series B funding a year later to take its solution from Japan to the global market. Now boasting over 400 clients and 150 employees worldwide, Josys drives efficiency, governance, and cost optimisation for IT teams and organisations worldwide.

Empowering Southeast Asian companies with effective SaaS app management

With its proven track record, Josys is now interested in catapulting its growth and empowering entrepreneurs as the upcoming SaaS Management Platform vendor in Singapore and the rest of the ASEAN markets.

Josys has recently enrolled in IMDA’s Spark Programme, which shows the company’s commitment to expanding in Singapore and is a testament to Josys’ adherence to the highest standards of product quality, security, and financial integrity.

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At Echelon X, Josys’ team aims to connect with companies of all sizes that are increasingly relying on various SaaS applications to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and foster innovation. They believe that this shift towards cloud-based solutions marks a significant transformation in businesses’ operations, making software more accessible and collaboration more seamless.

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