SanchiConnect: Fostering sustainability in innovation programs

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India’s population, exceeding 1.3 billion, offers substantial market potential across diverse sectors. A nation with a wealth of skilled IT professionals becomes an ideal hub for fostering tech-driven startups. 

According to Startup India, “[the country] has the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world; expected to witness YoY growth of a consistent annual growth of 12-15%.” The Economic Times reported that “the country has become a global powerhouse with more than 112,718 startups recognised by the [Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry], placing them after the US and China.” Government initiatives that foster startup growth, such as tax incentives, funding opportunities, and relaxed regulations, complement this opportunity for businesses to flourish in its dynamic landscape. 

As support by the Indian government propels more incubators to emerge, the importance of sustainability for these organisations comes into question. Traditional incubators often rely on government funding or corporate sponsorship, which can eventually be limited. There needs to be a shift towards sustainability, where incubators generate revenue through services, partnerships, and investments. By becoming financially self-sufficient, incubators can better support startups and contribute to the long-term growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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What started as a passion for empowering the deep tech community and startups has become a full white-labelled support software for incubators looking to digitalise and automate some of their processes. While SanchiConnect still focuses on helping deep tech founders with its partnerships, mentorship and fundraising opportunities, the company recognises that incubators might also need a plug-and-play SaaS service to increase their program scope exponentially. 

Enabling cross-border business and funding opportunities

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SanchiConnect (an initiative of Sanchi Connect Pvt Ltd) is India’s largest deep tech startup-investor-mentor community, started with a vision to support the early stage IP-led startups with early PoCs, funds and industry mentorship. The company started as a subsidiary of Baring PE Fund-India, later ventured into unique democratisation and scale ecosystems and became a preferred tech partner for leading incubator and acceleration programs in India.

SanchiConnect is committed to helping startups, incubators, and innovation teams with the potential to drive sustainable growth. Their team believes that India’s trillion-dollar economic agenda will depend heavily on the success of these incubation and innovation centres.

In line with its vision to support early-stage deep tech startups, Sanchi Connect runs two cohorts of thematic accelerators (PreSeed Accelerator) for IP-led startups, which have funded and contributed to the GTM of cutting-edge tech startups in the pre-revenue stage. Their mission is to drive growth and enable resource access to cutting-edge deep-tech startups from India. 

Besides nurturing its deep tech community, SanchiConnect has developed two products designed for incubators and other ecosystem players.

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PowerConnect is a plug-and-play system designed to address all incubation-related challenges. It aims to simplify application sourcing and evaluation at scale, automate routine tasks to supercharge productivity, provide real-time reporting, data management and performance tracking, monetise existing resources, and generate new revenue. PowerConnect’s platform replicates programs end-to-end digitally, giving visibility to both the program office and stakeholders. 

As a DIY platform built to customise for different program needs, PowerConnect is used by reputed incubators, associations, and enterprises to decentralise operations and knowledge sharing in a dynamic networking hub. The goal is to facilitate meaningful collaborations and learning opportunities digitally. PowerConnect can power different innovation programs, from incubation and acceleration to social innovation and other open innovation programs available in the market.

To supplement the application phase further, SanchiConnect created PowerPitch, a platform that has made sourcing and screening easier with dedicated software for processing applications, video-based evaluation, and intelligent communication.

PowerPitch is available for the following use cases: startup and VC programs looking to support innovation challenges and hackathons. Businesses and other industry executives can also use PowerPitch as a one-stop destination to support awarding organisations. 

Other use cases include grants, research funding applications, CSR programs and sponsorships, community funding, scholarships and program admissions, fellowship program management, portfolio management, pitch competitions and art contests. Their customised and brand-centric approach aims to reduce decision fatigue and actualise a more dynamic and collaborative environment for applicants.

Evolution from a deep tech community to a global brand

SanchiConnect which is keen to showcase its startup companies is leading a delegation to Singapore where these companies can showcase tech and business capabilities on the global stage. SanchiConnect has partnered with ‘ThinKuvate,’ a Singapore-headquartered investment firm, which invests and advice early-stage tech startups globally and has 22 portfolio companies and has recently floated an SEBI-registered AIF fund in India for investing in emerging tech opportunities. SanchiConnect is seeking partnerships with professionals, incubators, accelerators, venture funds, and corporate innovation teams aiming to scale their programs. 

Believing that actions speak louder than words, ‘SanchiConnect’ and ‘ThinKuvate’ have also invited selected startups from the deeptech ecosystem. These include ‘Swapp Design’ and ‘Simatricals’ from the EV infrastructure space, ‘Manastu Space’ from the space Tech industry, ‘Docker Vision’ in the maritime Industry, and ‘Dresma’ and ‘Travsie’ catering to content creation and the tourism industry, respectively.

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Pushpendra Vishal Kaushal, Program Director atSanchiConnect, expresses their anticipation over joining EchelonX, which “now in its 10th year, has achieved a remarkable position in the Singaporean and SEA ecosystem, where VCs and enterprises join the intent to explore collaborations.” Their team hopes to explore exciting synergies with the rest of the regional landscape.

SanchiConnect is one of the many exciting industry leaders from across the Southeast Asian region who will be joining us for Echelon X. Joining them are other key leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, and groundbreaking startups from all corners of the region who will be gathering together for two packed days. Echelon X will feature dedicated content stages, exhibitions, panel discussions, and more — all to support and empower the tech startup ecosystem with actionable insights through a series of knowledge-sharing activities.

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