Nurturing real-world design innovation in Singapore

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Universities and academe have set aside multi-million dollar budgets to nurture innovation in young minds. Working with industry needs, top educational institutions have developed integrated, multidisciplinary programmes to enhance education and research offerings and prepare their graduates for future economic and national growth priorities.

Initiatives include research collaborations to develop state-of-the-art technologies and capabilities to support industry transformation, in-depth faculty-staff learning and training exchanges, co-development of specialised, skills-based courses, access to advanced facilities and equipment for teaching, education, and research, and enhanced internship and mentorship programmes focusing on job placements, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

With Singapore at the forefront of innovation globally, keeping up with the growing innovation demands of the regional landscape requires a dedicated university that can adapt to changes and nurture technically grounded leaders and innovators to serve societal needs.

Trailblazing in design and technology

The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) was one of the first universities in the world to incorporate the art and science of design and technology into a holistic, interdisciplinary education and research experience that culminates in real-world design innovations.

In line with its vision of “Trailblazing a Better World by Design”, SUTD’s mission is to redefine design, education, and research by drawing on multiple disciplines to impact society positively. Its academic programmes aim to nurture technically grounded leaders who embrace risks and continuously innovate for a better tomorrow.

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SUTD is one of the most innovative universities in the world. Significantly, almost a third of SUTD faculty members made it to the list of the top 2% of scientists worldwide, according to the database by Stanford University and Elsevier BV, in September 2022.

The tech industry’s focus includes groundbreaking solutions in data science and artificial intelligence (AI), healthcare, smart cities, sustainability, and aviation. Their courses equip graduates with industry insights and perspectives that support growth in these sectors. 

Fostering a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurial talent

Echelon X

Besides knowledge transfer, the SUTD ecosystem provides resources that support its students in their entrepreneurial journeys. Last year, SUTD launched the Baby Shark Fund to support student-led innovation at every level. In addition to looking for collaborations and partnerships for their startups, SUTD is also looking for key players within the ecosystem to support these student-led innovations in terms of mentorship, validation, funding, or even providing problem statements so that students can work on the solutions. 

That is why SUTD’s participation in  Echelon X is timely as it looks to increase awareness of its startup ecosystem. Said Ms Celestine Khoo, Senior Director of SUTD’s Office of Venture, Innovation and Enterprise (VIE): “Echelon X provides a great opportunity for SUTD to showcase the solutions developed by our SUTD-affiliated teams, most of which are focused on software and AI.

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“Through this, SUTD hopes to meet industry partners such as corporates, venture capital, and other key players in the ecosystem, and even establish new partnerships to support our students in their entrepreneurial journey.”

Startups and ecosystem players can visit the SUTD booth to learn about the university’s involvement in the ecosystem and chat with the team from the Office of VIE. This is an excellent opportunity to explore synergies and forge new partnerships that support students in their entrepreneurial journeys, empowering them to become the disruptors of tomorrow’s world.

Get to know SUTD at Echelon X!

SUTD is one of the many exciting industry leaders from across the Southeast Asian region who will be joining us for Echelon X. Joining them are other vital leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, and groundbreaking startups from all corners of the area who will be gathering together for two packed days. Echelon X will feature dedicated content stages, exhibitions, panel discussions, and more — all to support and empower the tech startup ecosystem with actionable insights through a series of knowledge-sharing activities.

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Whether you’re eager to expand your knowledge, network with key players from the tech startup scene, or showcase your innovative ideas, Echelon X offers an unparalleled experience. Join us as a participant or an official partner by securing your spot now on our official page. Together, let’s embark on a journey to shape the future and create a lasting impact.

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