Vatic AI to focus on financial services clientele following appointment of new President & CEO Dilip Krishnan

Dilip Krishnan steps into the role of President & CEO at Vatic AI, succeeding Arthur Becker, who transitions to Executive Chairman.

Krishnan, who is based in Singapore, will also join the board of directors. With over 16 years of experience in Digital Innovation and Corporate Strategy, Krishnan brings a wealth of expertise. His responsibilities will encompass overseeing Vatic AI’s global expansion into new markets, managing mergers and acquisitions, and spearheading the development of new AI products, mainly focusing on predicting creditworthiness within anonymous online audiences.

Having previously served as the Global Lead for Digital Transformation at Mastercard Data & Services, Krishnan boasts a proven track record in driving growth and innovation. His background includes stints at esteemed financial institutions such as OCBC Bank, Citi, and HDFC Bank, where he played pivotal roles in designing and executing transformative strategies and fostering fintech partnerships. Moreover, Krishnan’s involvement as a mentor with Enterprise Singapore and SMU Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship underscores his commitment to nurturing the startup ecosystem across the region.

Under Krishnan’s leadership, Vatic AI aims to leverage its Qscore product, which uses AI to predict the credit qualifications of anonymous online audiences.

“In the longer term, we envision being the audience intelligence platform of choice across industries, helping to strengthen credit access by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI),” he says in an email to e27.

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By harnessing proprietary algorithms, the company seeks to optimise advertising expenditures at the Top of the Funnel while simultaneously driving down customer acquisition and processing costs for the finance industry. With Krishnan’s vision and experience at the helm, Vatic AI is poised for strategic growth and continued innovation in artificial intelligence and financial services.

“We saw that traditional digital advertising platforms use broad keyword categories for audiences, which can lead to irrelevant targeting. With more precise keyword categories, we can create more value to the online experience for both brands and consumers. Combining this with our data refreshes happening every hour, instead of DSP data normally 30 days or more old for audience categories, we can be the most relevant and reach the most in-market users,” Krishnan explains.

Regarding its Qscore product, he says, “We have developed our Qscore product for the finance industry, which uses AI to predict the creditworthiness of our audiences based on multiple factors, indicating the individual user would be qualified financially for a wide range of products. This AI technology allows brands to optimise their top-of-funnel advertising and only advertise to the audiences qualified for their products, massively reducing customer acquisition costs.”

This is why the financial services industry will be the company’s focus today.

“We are actively engaging in acquiring digital banks and lenders as key clients, using our marketing efforts to show our AI’s value and solve their issues of unqualified leads, high decline rates, and ad waste. We are working on strategies in key growth markets in Asia Pacific where we can solve these issues,” Krishnan says.

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Vatic AI has raised funding from investors such as Jenny Johnson (President & CEO of Franklin Templeton) and Arthur Becker.

The company said that it currently works with around 300 paying clients.

“Our inception was over five years ago, when we built a team offering managed services for our core AfterSearch technology. We used keyword targeting for our clients to improve their results in display advertising. Post that, we’ve scaled substantially with our executive team based in Singapore and improved our product development and focus to become a data tech SaaS company.”

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This article was first published on May 2, 2024

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