Futureproofing the energy and industrial sector in Asia with IMI’s Venture Studio

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It takes a village to raise an idea to its full capabilities. IMI recognises this and commits its resources to creating sustainable practices. As such, IMI has pioneered different projects in action. For example, green hydrogen, produced through electrolysis with a renewable electricity source, has a key role to play in global decarbonisation.

The Head of IMI’s Venture Studio, Marco Placidi, explained, “It has been identified as an energy source for the future, especially for mobility, transport, and heavy industries, from refineries to chemical companies. Hydrogen and other low-emission alternative fuels are expected to make a significant contribution to the energy supply by 2050, and IMI is helping to build the hydrogen economy of tomorrow both through new products and capabilities (such as our customisable IMI VIVO Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysers), as well as new venture building activities in the space.”

Sitting down with IMI Venture Studio’s COO, Michelle Woo, explained that their next strategy lies with partnering up with “potential Founders to build their next new venture through IMI’s venture studio.” She added “The IMI Venture Studio’s mandate is to help co-build the venture and offer the first funding while allowing the founders to run their business independently. Our mission is to merge the best of both worlds: startup innovation combined with IMI’s capabilities in solving complex problems for markets with long-term, sustainable growth.”

Global engineering solutions intersect with the ingenuity of startups

IMI plc is a global specialist engineering company that creates breakthrough solutions. Their global team is curious and likes to solve problems, partnering with their customers to solve today’s demands and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. Together with its stakeholders, IMI embraces innovation and cares about outcomes that are good for business and everyday life, as well as making a better world — creating lasting impact for everyone.

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The organisation designs, builds, and services highly engineered products for fluid and motion control applications. They focus on five market sectors: Industrial Automation, Process Automation, Climate Control, Life Science and Fluid Control, and Transport.

Calling experienced founders and partners interested in making a sustainable change

Interested attendees can gain insights from IMI Studio as their Head of Venture Studio, Marco Placidi, joins the panel titled, “Inclusive Industry 5.0: The Path Towards Innovating a Resilient Future.” 

This is a forward-looking session that examines the intersection of Industry 5.0 and inclusive innovation. Industry 5.0 represents a new paradigm that emphasises human-machine collaboration, sustainability, and inclusivity; thus, this session will explore how organisations can leverage Industry 5.0 principles to drive innovation that benefits all stakeholders involved.

Michelle Woo also shares that they are looking forward to meeting entrepreneurial talent who might be candidates and can apply to be founders to co-build new ventures. Investors, potential corporate partners, and other institutions or government partners are welcome to create a new dialogue and futureproof the energy and industrial sectors together.

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For the upcoming ventures, the IMI Venture Studio team is looking for founders to explore topics, including clean fuels, decentralised energy, industrial heat, renewables, energy storage, power distribution, CCUS, carbon emission tracking, instrumentation, energy efficiency for critical processes, and low carbon solutions for critical infrastructure.

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