Optimising workplace engagement in the digital era of productivity

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All companies can attest to the headaches HR management brings. 

That’s why HR software is an absolute game-changer — it enables you to offload tedious yet impactful admin processes, and by leveraging automation for repetitive tasks, it frees up your time for more strategic initiatives. Automation also helps to reduce the likelihood of human errors through standardised workflows and data management, improving accuracy and compliance. 

As the world of work evolves with new ways of working, utilising HR software enables remote collaboration, facilitating seamless communication and coordination among team members. They also come with plenty of features that empower you to boost employee engagement and satisfaction, through structured one-on-ones, company-wide surveys, and reward and recognition tools.

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Enter Employment Hero — the smarter way to manage people, payroll and productivity for small and medium businesses with big ambitions. They’re giving businesses the tools they need to make work more productive, engaging and rewarding than ever before, no matter the distance, timezone or location. 

Built by employment experts for business owners

Employment Hero is the world’s leading HR, payroll and employee engagement platform. It empowers over 300,000 businesses across Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, New Zealand and Australia with a suite of powerful employment features, making employment easier and more valuable for everyone.

Their end-to-end HR and payroll platform includes:

  • Applicant Tracking System — Helps organisations streamline their hiring process and talent acquisition tasks, such as job postings, resume screenings, interview schedules, and communication with job seekers.
  • Global Teams — Employment Hero acts as the legal employer of record (EOR) or as a professional employment organisation (PEO), so businesses can hire employees based outside markets they already operate in.
  • Learning Management System — Employers have the option to build custom learning pathways and upload their own content, while employees get access to self-paced learning where their progress can be tracked and tested. 
  • Swag — The world’s first employment superapp, created by the Employment Hero team. Employees get access to a self-service digital HR hub with the Swag app, accessible on mobile from anywhere in the world. They can submit leave requests, view payslips, update personal details, give peer shoutouts and stay across company news all in one place.

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Employment Hero provides a library of up-to-date and compliant contracts, policies and HR documents to help businesses ensure they’re doing the right thing by their employees and stakeholders. They’ve also got all kinds of useful resources from employment law updates to thought leadership reports, to help you stay across the latest employment changes in Singapore.

Making employment easier and more rewarding for everyone

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