‘We will speed-up work in semiconductor, electronics sectors’: PM Modi reveals future plans for new term

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his first speech after the commencement of vote counting highlighted the achievements of the government’s past two terms. During his speech, Modi claimed that it was under the rule of the NDA that India became the second largest smartphone producer in the world. He also highlighted the growth of startups and semiconductor industry. PM Modi claimed that in his third term the India will increase the production of both electronics and semiconductor. 

PM Modi said, “We made India the second largest smartphone manufacturer. Now, we will increase work in semiconductors and electronics production sectors.”

PM Modi added, “We have tried to increase defense production and exports. We will not stop till the time the defence sector becomes atmanirbhar.” He also claimed that India will increase investment on green industrialisation. “Be it green energy or green mobility, we will take India to the forefront.” 

He further added, “In the past 10 years we removed 25 crore people from poverty.” He added, “From sports, space to entrepreneurship we will work towards providing more opportunities to mother and sisters”.  

PM Modi has declared that the NDA is returning to power for a third term. It makes it the first time since 1962 when a government returns to power after two consecutive terms. At the time of writing this article, the NDA alliance has managed to maintain a lead in 291 seats whereas the India alliance remains at a tally of 234 seats.  

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