Aksha Kamboj leads Aspect Global Ventures to new heights with vision and innovation

It takes a lot of conviction to go against the flow and Aksha Kamboj, Executive Chairperson, Aspect Global Ventures, had it in spades when she decided not to conform to established stereotypes while leading the company. Aksha, instead relied on her resilience and resourcefulness to help Aspect climb the summit of success, and in the process chose to redefine various stereotypes associated with women business leaders.

With a unique blend of vision, ambition and resourcefulness, Aksha brought to the table business ideas that were driven by both intuition and intellect. Aspect Global Ventures’ rapid rise as a conglomerate with business interests spanning several sectors is a testimony to her business leadership skill that not only emphasises the bottom line but also on winning the hearts and minds of its customers and employees alike.

Take the case of Aspect’s venture into the bullion business, where Aksha and her team decided to offer one consistent price, linked to the live bullion market prices, pan-India. The strategy not only aimed to attract more customers but also build lasting customer loyalty through transparency allowing them to purchase bullion at fair and competitive rates. With an unparalleled knack for zeroing in on business opportunities, Aksha is further driving Aspect’s bullion expansion through new stores in high-traffic locations such as malls and airports. The move will provide Aspect with more brand visibility and also ensure its customers have enhanced access for convenient purchase of bullion.

Aksha’s future plans for Aspect Bullion include aggressively investing in digital sales platforms to cater to tech-savvy consumers and developing innovative investment products such as gold savings plans and ETFs. In fact, the launch of an educational campaign to inform potential investors about the benefits of gold and silver investments is also on the cards to capitalise on the growing market demand for the commodity.

In the ultra-competitive infrastructure business, Aksha’s foresight ensured Aspect could leverage the business opportunity provided by the government’s push for the sector. A firm believer in taking calculated risks, Aksha charted Aspect’s foray into multiple segments of the infrastructure business including social, transportation, extraction, manufacturing, and utility infrastructure. When the infrastructure boom hit, Aspect was poised to benefit significantly as Aksha had focused on developing the company’s innovative construction techniques, the comprehensive skill sets of its employees, and a smooth backward and forward integration.

Aksha’s understanding of market dynamics is what led her to focus on sustainable designs for Aspect Realty’s luxury and premium housing projects in prime areas of Mumbai, including Bandra West, Bandra East, Powai, and Worli. Aspect, under Aksha, has integrated modern amenities that promote eco-friendly living to appeal to environmentally conscious buyers. Aspect Realty’s redevelopment projects have championed high-quality standards, better amenities and aesthetics with iron-clad delivery deadlines.

Aspects’ venture into the hospitality business was a result of Aksha’s meticulous planning and execution allowing the group to acquire Mumbai’s three top-notch restaurants. Aspect Hospitality has since then introduced new brands such as Brunch & Cake, Opa Kipos, Nom Nom Express, and Maison with a focus on unique dining experiences. The company also has plans to open Radio Bar, Nom Nom, and Akina in Hyderabad to expand its presence pan-India and across cuisines. It has also been leveraging technology to enhance the service and operational effectiveness of its hospitality ventures.

With Aspect Sports, Aksha bet big on non-traditional verticals like sports to explore new revenue streams and mitigate risks. Via collaborative alliances and innovative marketing tactics, Aksha showed a deep understanding of the sports landscape when she became the co-owner of Tiigers of Kolkata, a cricket team that competed and won the Indian Street Premier League (ISPL).

Through Aspect Sports, Aksha has revolutionised the way sporting talent is acquired and nurtured by focusing on grassroots players who have the talent but lack the platform. Aksha, through Aspect Sports, is further pushing the boundaries of excellence and in the process is redefining and reshaping the future of sports, one game at a time.

Aksha’s unique leadership style not only pivots around profits and growth metrics but also on diversity, inclusivity and empowerment. As a leader, Aksha believes that a business cannot operate in exclusivity and has to contribute positively to the community and environment. She firmly believes that a company is only as strong as its employees. She embodies the new breed of leadership that relies on empathy, compassion and collaboration to achieve results. Aksha has always chosen authenticity over pretension and believes the road less travelled often leads to a highway of opportunities, an approach that has earned her the admiration and respect of colleagues and competitors.

Aksha, a mother of two, is also passionate about child nutrition and women empowerment and is an ardent advocate of mindful childcare and parenting. She has also, through her philanthropic endeavours, worked towards improving women’s participation in business and ensuring their economic independence. She has encouraged mentorship programmes and skill training workshops for her employees, particularly women.

Aksha is a leader resilient in spirit and unwavering in her commitment to succeed, ready to take on new challenges to shape Aspect into an unrivalled global conglomerate.

Company Website: https://www.aspect.global/

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