China’s Fan Bingbing is honoured to be appointed Melaka tourism ambassador, likens state to Yunnan

MELAKA, June 16 — Melaka Friendship Tourism Ambassador for 2024, Fan Bingbing, said it is both a heavy responsibility and a blessing to take on the role.

Fan said Melaka was a unique destination, different from other well-known tourist destinations.

“For me, it is truly an honour to be appointed as the Melaka Friendship Tourism Ambassador for 2024. After the Covid-19 pandemic, my mind was very unstable and I had not travelled abroad.

“But tourism will pick up again after the pandemic and people will surely choose places they have never visited before,” she told reporters through a Chinese translator.

Mr Fan has been in Melaka for the past three days following his appointment in his role to promote Tourism Melaka Year 2024 (TMM2024).

When asked why she chose Melaka as her travel destination this year, Ms Fan said one of the reasons was the long history between Melaka and China.

“Malacca’s history is well known in China and many people in Malacca speak Mandarin, so Chinese people can identify with Malacca’s culture.

“Chinese tourists coming to Malaysia can feel at ease as the locals here also speak fluent Mandarin. Moreover, Melaka is similar to China’s Yunnan province and both have rich histories,” she said.

Fan said he learned about Malaysia through a colleague who often speaks about the country, and expressed interest in working with other political parties in the future.

“Malaysia is a familiar country to me because I have a Malaysian colleague. We have been working together for many years.”

“I am also interested in experiencing life in Malaysia. If I have the opportunity, I would also like to live in Kuala Lumpur and enjoy its tall skyline.”

“There are many filmmakers and talented people in Malaysia and I hope to collaborate with them one day,” she said.

Fan has 63 million followers on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform similar to X, and 4.1 million on Instagram, and is often portrayed as the face of Chinese culture on the global stage.

She starred in a Hollywood superhero movie X-Men: Days of Future PastFrench and Korean films will also be screened.

In 2017, fans time She was named one of the magazine’s “100 Most Influential People.” — Bernama

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