Malaysian law bans women from wearing men’s clothing

Terengganu state authorities can now punish people who breach the four new amendments to the law, Bernama reported, citing politician Satiful Bahari Mamat, chairman of the Sharia Accountability Committee.

  • Women who act like men
  • Women who become pregnant or give birth while unmarried
  • Practicing magic or sorcery
  • Attempted Sodomy

After state parliament passed the amendment on December 1, Satiful told reporters the law was to better protect the “well-being of Muslims,” ​​adding that violators could face three years in prison, a fine of 5,000 ringgit (US$1,130.07) and six lashes.

“In the past, this may not have been as much of an issue,” Satiful said, referring to the obvious issue of “women acting like men.”

“But now it seems that ‘penkids’ (tomboys and lesbians) and similar cases are rampant. Hence, the state government intends to curb this problem,” he said.

At least 14 women’s activist groups be criticized They argued the bill would put women and LGBTQ people at greater risk.

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