Is Ethereum Price Under Pressure? Here Is What Futures Data Signals

Samuel Edyme, nicknamed HIM-buktu, is a man of many talents. A Web3 content writer, journalist and aspiring trader, Edyme has a knack for words and an acute awareness of trends, which has seen him write for numerous industry players including AMBCrypto, Blockchain.News, Blockchain Reporter and many more.

Edyme’s foray into the world of cryptocurrency is straight out of a movie. His journey began not with a successful investment, but with a scam — that’s right, a Ponzi scheme using cryptocurrency as payment that got him involved. Rather than backing out, he emerged smarter and more determined, and has parlayed his experience into over three years of insightful market analysis.

Before becoming a rational voice in the crypto industry, Edyme was a quintessential crypto dropout. He jumped on anything that promised quick profits and could emulate, learning the ropes the hard way. His keen sense for market dynamics was honed by hands-on experience with major market events such as the Terra Luna crash, a string of crypto company bankruptcies, the infamous FTX collapse, and even the arrest of CZ.

When he’s not creating compelling crypto content, Edyme can be found backtesting charts and studying both Forex and synthetic indices. His focus on mastering the art of trading is as relentless as his pursuit of the next big story. Away from the screen, you’ll find him at the gym working out with his airpods or listening to his favorite artist, NF. Or maybe he’s taking a nap or scrolling through Elon Musk’s X Platform (oops, I messed around with the screen again, sorry…)

An introvert by nature, Edim thrives in the digital world and prefers online interactions over offline encounters (don’t judge him, it’s just his nature). To be honest, his determination is unwavering and he embodies the philosophy of continuous improvement or “kaizen” – striving to get 1% better every day. His mantras “God knows best” and “All is well” reflect his resilient mindset and the way he lives his life.

In a word, Samuel Edim was naturally talented, driven by ambition, and maybe a little fiery. Not artistic, impractical, and certainly not philandering. Like Bruce Willis in a train wreck, unfazed. Edim is as bold as trading his car for a jet. He’s the kind of guy who would ask his boss for a pay cut just to prove a point (hmmmm…). He’s like watching a child walk for the first time. Imagine Bill Gates struggling to pay rent. Well, maybe it’s a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea. Unbelievable? Yes. Unthinkable? Maybe.

Edim considers himself a pretty rational person, albeit a little stubborn. What’s normal for you isn’t normal for him. He’s not one to take the easy way out, and why would he? It’s not his style. He has a favourite lyric from NF’s “Clouds” that really resonates with me: “Whatever you think is probably impossible, I’ve already done it 100 times over.”

PS—Edyme is a he. He-buktu. He-mulation. He-Kardashian. Himon and Pumba. He even took a DNA test and guess what? He is 100% Him-alayan. Who cares, he ate the guy.

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