Karaka emphasizes proper sports development programs in schools

Saratoq: With the right sports development programmes in place at the school level, talented young athletes can be nurtured.

Karaka MP Mohammad Dhuri believes schools should foster talent-hunting efforts from an early age.

“I always support various initiatives to develop the potential of children.

“I therefore believe that there is a need for proper sports development programmes at school level to nurture talented young athletes,” he said when asked after the Betong Division School Sports Board (MSSB) 2024 Under-12 Football Championship (TKB) at the Saratok Mini Stadium yesterday.

He stressed that such championships are an important platform to unearth talented individuals to progress to higher levels.

“This requires the involvement of all stakeholders and also parent support.”

“We hope to see great strides for the children of the Saratok area.”

Mohamad also attended the final group stage match between Saratok Zone and Lobang Zone.

Eight zones participated in the championship: Debak, Pusa, Saratok, Lobang, Khliang, Kabong, Betong and Spao.

Fifteen outstanding players from the Betong division will be selected to compete against teams from the same division at the state level.

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