Bitcoin Turbulence Ahead: Germany Dumps $100M BTC

Bitcoin is bracing for aftershocks as the German government begins selling off its vast BTC holdings. Over the past two days, officials have deposited 1,700 BTC, worth more than $100 million, into major crypto exchanges Coinbase, Kraken and Bitstamp. The sudden influx of BTC into the market is being closely watched by traders and investors who expect market turmoil.

The vast amount of funds was originally seized from illegal activities and accumulated over several years, according to Lookonchain. dataThe German government currently holds a total of 47,179 Bitcoins, valued at a staggering $3.06 billion, and market analysts have warned of increased volatility in Bitcoin prices following the government’s decision to liquidate these assets.

Watch out for the German government dumping $47,179 BTC ($3.06 billion). Over the past two days, the German government has deposited $1,700 BTC ($110.88 million) into Coinbase, Kraken and Bitstamp. The German government now has $47,179 BTC ($3.06 billion) remaining.

History has shown that mass sell-offs of cryptocurrencies on public exchanges have led to sharp price declines as supply overwhelms demand, and crypto markets, notoriously sensitive to sudden price fluctuations, are now bracing for the possible aftermath.


As crypto observers ponder their next move, some experts have questioned the timing of the German government’s decision, as some believe selling Bitcoin would align Germany with other pro-crypto countries and potentially influence future regulations and market trends.

Bitcoin Business Boom: Capital Gains Tax Zero in Germany

Still, investors and traders should monitor the situation closely. For those with a long-term outlook, the temporary price drop could be an opportunity to buy Bitcoin at a low cost. However, short-term traders should be cautious as sudden price fluctuations could lead to big losses.

That being said, some supporters are praising the regulation and taxation of companies operating in the cryptocurrency space. Some of these are considering setting up Bitcoin Medium of Exchange (MoE) businesses in markets such as Germany, Switzerland and Portugal. They say that in these “bridgehead” markets, capital gains taxes are either zero or will be zero after one year, greatly reducing friction and tax-related concerns.

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