Surpassing Chainlink And Polygon With Innovative Keynote

Chainlink (LINK) and Polygon have been making impressive progress in the crypto space. Chainlink is known for its reliable price feed, currently passing a key price threshold during volatile times. At the same time, Polygon is enthusiastically supporting cutting-edge projects through a large community fund.

In this evolving scene, Block DAG Established a leadership role Keynote Speech 2 Announcements and rapid technological advancements. BlockDAG’s innovative approach and rapid market penetration have established the company as a top contender in the cryptocurrency space.

Polygon Launches $720 Million Community Fund

Polygon has created a $720 million community treasury to support both Polygon and Ethereum blockchain efforts over the next decade. It will initially release 35 million MATIC tokens, and plans include allocating 1 billion POL tokens. The Community Grant Program (CGP) will be accepting applications from June 11th to August 31st, with the goal of spurring the development of decentralized applications and infrastructure and fostering innovation across Polygon’s projects.

Chainlink price trend analysis

Recently, Chainlink price has fallen by 13%, dropping below the key support points of $17.40 and $16.70. This drop has brought Chainlink closer to the key resistance levels of $16.70 and $18.00 that traders are closely monitoring. Investors are advised to closely monitor the support levels of $15.60 and $14.30, especially as Chainlink price is approaching the 200-day EMA, which calls for a cautious investment strategy.


BlockDAG Keynote Hits $5 Million in Single Day Sales

BlockDAG recently captured the world’s attention with Keynote 2, broadcast from a lunar-like environment. The event not only showcased BlockDAG’s innovation drive, but also introduced the beta version of the X1 Miner app, which is now available for users to try. This pivotal development is key to BlockDAG’s strategy, highlighting their rapid development cycles and commitment to increasing user engagement through cutting-edge technology.

Additionally, the event highlighted the ongoing market testing of the X10 miner by prominent influencers, aiming to fine-tune performance and bolster consumer trust.

BlockDAG advances the technology by integrating a DAG-based structure with a proof-of-work consensus model. By incorporating a low-code/no-code framework within the system, it democratizes application development, allowing users around the world to create solutions with minimal technical expertise.

The excitement of Keynote 2 has significantly improved BlockDAG’s market position. With a price increase from $0.001 in the first batch to $0.0122 in the 18th batch, BlockDAG has shown impressive growth metrics. The company has raised $51.8 million to date and sold 11.6 billion coins, solidifying its financial foundation. Analysts now predict that BlockDAG’s daily sales will soon reach $5 million, indicating its potential to revolutionize the blockchain industry.



As the digital currency landscape evolves, Chainlink and Polygon’s efforts are commendable, but BlockDAG stands out thanks to its groundbreaking Keynote 2 and significant technical advancements.

With a significant growth trajectory and a strategy focused on user-centric blockchain solutions, BlockDAG is poised to lead the space, continually setting new standards and emerging as the go-to choice for innovative blockchain implementations.


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