Whales Abandon Binance Coin and Solana for BlockDAG’s 1120% Surge: Here’s Why

Binance Coin (BNB) and Solana (SOL) have been making waves in the cryptocurrency world with their stellar performance, but a new contender, , is garnering a lot of attention after recording a staggering 1120% surge in its presale.

This meteoric rise can be largely attributed to the influential endorsement of YouTuber Crypto Trainer, which has thrust BlockDAG into the limelight. With innovative technology, transparent updates, and lucrative passive income opportunities, BlockDAG has become a top choice for investors in 2024, even surpassing big names like Binance Coin and Solana.

Binance Coin (BNB) Predictions Spur Optimism

Binance Coin (BNB) is creating excitement as it bucks the bearish market trend and reaches a new all-time high (ATH). Recently, the price of BNB set a new record high on June 6th, surpassing $720. However, it has since faced selling pressure and dropped to the key support level of $600. Despite this drop, analysts are optimistic about the growth potential of BNB.

Crypto analyst Brandts predicts that BNB could reach higher levels in the next bull market wave: According to Elliott Wave Theory, he believes the price of BNB could rise by around 100% from its current price to $1,200.

Solana’s trading volume remains high

Solana’s popularity continues, with investors actively trading SOL and generating significant trading volume. SOL trading volume has increased significantly recently, indicating strong interest in this cryptocurrency. Over the past week, Solana trading volume has remained consistently high.

This high activity around SOL has led to positive price fluctuations, with the price of SOL increasing by approximately 3% over the past 7 days. However, the trend has reversed slightly over the past 24 hours, with the price declining slightly by just over 1%. Despite this short-term fluctuation, the sustained high levels of trading volume indicate continued investor interest in Solana.

BlockDAG Presale Soars With Crypto Trainer’s Endorsement

The rapid growth of BlockDAG’s presale can be attributed to Crypto Trainer, a well-known crypto influencer. He was so impressed with BlockDAG that he gained a lot of attention among crypto enthusiasts and backed the platform. In his video, Trainer highlighted BlockDAG’s ambitious goals, which were discussed during the topical keynote speech from the month.

During his keynote address, Trainor introduced various aspects of BlockDAG, including the upcoming mainnet launch and expanding ecosystem. He praised BlockDAG’s transparency, with over 45 development updates published on its website, and its innovative technology that combines a proof-of-work consensus mechanism with a directed acyclic graph (DAG) for efficiency and scalability.

This support led to a massive presale rally, with BlockDAG batches rising rapidly from $0.001 in batch 1 to $0.0122 in batch 18, a 1120% increase in price. The presale saw $53 million in inflows, resulting in over 11.7 billion BDAG coins being supplied. BlockDAG sold over 8,078 miners, raising over $3.4 million in the miner sale.

BlockDAG offers investors diverse passive income opportunities. The X1 mobile miner app turns your smartphone into an efficient mining tool, while the high-performance X10 and powerful X100 dedicated mining units maximize rewards and efficiency. Additionally, BlockDAG’s referral rewards program allows investors to earn bonuses from referral investments. Exclusive pre-sale opportunities provide early access to BlockDAG coins with the potential for big profits.

Final Verdict

BlockDAG’s staggering 1120% surge in its presale highlights its potential as a top-tier investment in the cryptocurrency market. Binance Coin (BNB) price predictions are showing an upward trend, Solana trading volumes reflect high investor interest, and BlockDAG stands out for its innovative technology and lucrative passive income streams.

With the upcoming mainnet launch and continued technological advancements, BlockDAG will further solidify its position as a major player among the top cryptocurrencies in 2024.

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