Why Pedro Pascal’s style is at the top of dadcore

If you’re as enthralled with Pedro Pascal’s style as we are, then you’ve got great taste. The internet’s favorite zombie-slaying ‘Zadie’ is having a fashion moment right now.

Pascal works with talented stylist Julie Lagoria, who has also dressed celebrities like Lakeith Stanfield and Jake Gyllenhaal, to create one cool look after another. Something that further defines his dadcore aesthetic.

in the end, It’s just The Mandalorian His rugged looks and talent as an actor make him iconic, but his “dad style” also contributes greatly to his enigma.

Yes, Pascal’s enigmatic charm has helped him build a sassy online persona that has earned him the nickname “Internet daddy” — a catch-all nickname for male celebrities who have captured the hearts of die-hard internet fans — and the 48-year-old Chilean-born actor furthered that status with a joke at the red carpet premiere. The Last of Us January 2023: “I’m your cool slut daddy.”

Pascal’s unconventional style has captivated almost everyone. But before we analyze his fatherly aesthetic, let’s first understand…

What is “Dad Style”?

Dad style, or “dadcore,” is a fashion trend that celebrates the practical, comfortable, and nostalgic aspects associated with fatherhood. The trend embraces loose-fitting clothing, functional materials, and timeless designs and patterns that create familiarity, familiarity, and comfort.

How do you create the perfect dad core look?

Achieving the perfect dad look is all about finding the balance between comfort and fashion, so start with iconic pieces that define the dadcore aesthetic, like 1990s-inspired cargo pants, classic polo shirts and versatile coach jackets.

To complete the ensemble, add essential accessories like chunky sneakers or boots, as well as practical accessories like a baseball cap and watch. Also, let your facial hair grow wild and free, but don’t keep it too neat. Keep it raw and rugged.

Now that we know the trends, let’s move on…

Pedro Pascal’s Best Dadcore Outfits and Style

From the dirty denim look of the characters in the series The Last of Us Let’s break down Pedro Pascal’s style, based on the cool, dad-next-door vibe he’s been showing off on the red carpet lately.

Met Gala 2023: Barefoot Energy

Photo credit: Instagram/Pedro Pascal

The dad has chunky thighs and isn’t afraid to show them off. The red and black Valentino ensemble Pascal wore to the 2023 Met Gala was a show-stopper. Who would have thought of a tailored tie-up look with a structured silhouette that revealed a bit of thigh?

And the red is even more amazing. We’re obsessed!

Sweater vest for aspiring fathers

Photo credit: Instagram/Pedro Pascal

A knit or ribbed vest is your go-to for channeling maximum hot dad energy—see Pedro Pascal’s ultra-stylish look for a gaming event, pairing a Maison Margiela shirt with a white vest and high-waisted trousers.

Plus, you can wear clear glasses to complete the geek vibe.

crochet shirt, dad mustache, scoop neck t-shirt

Photo credit: Twitter/Julie Ragolia

Long before crochet shirts and knit polos took Pinterest and Instagram feeds by storm, fashion mavens were nailing the trend by pairing Acne Studios’ mesh knit cardigan shirt with a T-shirt scoop-neck grey tee.The Mandalorian We did a promotion in London last year for 2023.

No. Pakal pairs it with bold red pants, and what’s not to love?

Sweaters dominate the red carpet

Photo credit: Instagram/Pedro Pascal

Sweaters are a garment that balances formality and style, making them the perfect way to look chic for dads and non-dads alike. We dig this modern twist on black-tie attire that our beloved Zadie Pedro Pascal served us at the 2024 Emmy Awards. He wore a sleek black sweater over a white shirt on awards night, pairing it with sleek trousers and shiny penny loafers. They all sold.

Dirty denim

Photo credit: Instagram/Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal’s Joel Style The Last of Us A worn-in Chambord shirt and relaxed denim gave it a grunge appeal. Nothing epitomizes dadcore fashion quite like a worn-in denim-on-denim look, and now’s your chance to get your hands on it.

Boots that exude a rugged dad vibe

Photo credit: Instagram/Pedro Pascal

Elevate your dadcore style with a pair or two of sturdy boots. Pedro Pascal knows his stuff when it comes to shoes, and most of his looks are completed with loafers or heeled boots that add a whole lot of seriousness to an outfit.

(Header and feature image courtesy of Instagram/Pedro Pascal)

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