DOGE and PEPE Sink, As Raboo Presale Surges Unfazed by Market Downturn

The weekend was good and bad for meme coins, as Dogecoin (DOGE) and Pepe (PEPE) plummeted in price, while Raboo, a new AI-backed meme coin, bucked the market downturn to surge in its presale.

The current presale has generated strong investor interest, raising over $1.6M and leading some to predict a staggering 100x price increase at launch. Here’s why:

Dogecoin Stabilizes After Recent Drop

Dogecoin (DOGE) prices have been anything but encouraging in recent weeks, dropping by around 10.3% over the past seven days after a brief surge.

This drop came after an even sharper period of decline. In April, Dogecoin fell by over 42%. Despite a slight recovery last month, the coin has not been able to regain its previous position. Dogecoin’s market cap still ranks among the top 10 cryptocurrencies. The price has remained fairly stable since June 20th. This suggests that some investors may still be holding onto DOGE for the long term.

However, the recent price action has definitely cooled some of the enthusiasm. Dogecoin’s technical indicators are currently showing a bearish trend and the price is testing key support levels. If these levels are breached, Dogecoin could come under further downward pressure.

Pepecoin: Recent price drop follows explosive rise

Since March, Pepecoin (PEPE) has been a source of both excitement and concern for investors, especially in recent weeks. While the rally in May was undoubtedly impressive, the recent price correction has many wondering whether Pepe will be able to gain a foothold again. On May 27, 2024, it hit a new record high of $0.00001718.

The coin’s price has fluctuated wildly from its all-time highs, showing significant volatility. Currently, Pepe is trading at around $0.00001121, down 34% from its all-time high. Pepe’s price has fallen 19% in the past 30 days and 6.9% in the past week. This recent downward trend has called into question the sustainability of the original plan.

More investors turn their attention to AI-backed meme coin Raboo

Amid the current price declines of Dogecoin and Pepe, Raboo’s 2024 token presale is still soaring as more and more investors are investing in the project. According to recent reports, Raboo has already raised an astounding $1.6 million from a community of over 8,000 registered users.

Raboo intends to take the utility of meme coins to a new level by giving users the ability to monetize their social media content through its “Post-to-Earn” platform. For crypto investors, this offers a rare opportunity to participate in a community-driven project from the very beginning.

Various leading analysts are predicting a bright future for Raboo, with its token ($RABT) set to see explosive growth, with some experts predicting a staggering 233% surge by the end of the presale, and a staggering 10,000% increase once Raboo is listed on major exchanges.

These predictions are driven by the rapid growth of the generative AI market: Bloomberg predicts the field will grow exponentially over the next decade, going from a $40 billion business in 2022 to a $1.3 trillion behemoth.

With an initial entry level token price of just $0.003, the platform is offering investors a limited opportunity to participate in this exciting new project, currently selling for $0.0048 per token. Don’t miss your chance to get involved in this AI-focused meme coin. The 2024 token presale is still ongoing and in stage 4.

Recognizing the value of security and transparency, Raboo has had its smart contracts thoroughly evaluated by leading blockchain security company SOLIDProof. This audit gives investors peace of mind by ensuring the platform is transparent and operates securely.


Some analysts still believe that the meme coin could generate a staggering 100x increase on its launch day. These are just predictions, but they suggest that Raboo could be a game changer in the world of meme coins.

This is your chance to participate in the early stages of a potentially revolutionary meme coin.

If you’re interested in taking part in the pre-sale, you can find out more information on Raboo’s official website.



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