Malaysia Airlines partners with Huawei to expand international travel opportunities in China

Monday, June 24, 2024

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Malaysia Airlines and Huawei have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the national airline’s digital landscape with cutting-edge digital solutions from Huawei Consumer Cloud Services. The partnership will enable Malaysia Airlines to gain deeper insights into traveller preferences, effectively analyse market trends, and enhance its customer-centric service approach.

Known as a leader in technology innovation, Huawei remains committed to ecological openness. Through its Petal Ads marketing platform, Huawei Consumer Cloud Services will provide Malaysia Airlines with advertising, marketing, and traffic monetization services to facilitate its expansion into the Chinese market. This strategic cooperation highlights the two parties’ commitment to meeting diverse consumer needs. It will enable Malaysia Airlines to implement data-driven personalized recommendations and targeted ad placements, enhancing its customized marketing strategy.

Formally announced at the Huawei Developer Conference 2024 in Dongguan, the partnership represents a major step forward for both parties, on the back of more than 100 on-site activities at the event. The partnership promises to deliver a comprehensive and personalized travel experience for passengers.

In addition, Malaysia Airlines will leverage Huawei’s consumer cloud service advertising platform to strengthen its brand presence and service offerings in the Chinese market, optimize customer experience, and encourage more Chinese travellers to choose Malaysia Airlines for their travel needs.

Ahmad Lukman Mohamed Azmi, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Airlines Group (MAG), said: “We are pleased to work with Huawei and leverage their digital capabilities to expand our footprint in the Asia Pacific region. This strategic partnership aims to improve customer engagement by providing highly personalized experiences and innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of the market. We look forward to exploring new avenues and opportunities to consolidate Malaysia Airlines’ position in the region and expand our influence globally as a gateway to Asia and beyond.”

Vincent Wen, Director of Cloud Services Business Growth at Huawei, said: “We are committed to strengthening our partnership with Malaysia Airlines by leveraging our extensive expertise in telecommunications infrastructure, digital solutions, and deep understanding of the China market. Our collaboration focuses on localized strategies and leveraging Huawei’s strong brand presence and marketing channels in China, will enable Malaysia Airlines to significantly increase awareness and market penetration among Chinese travellers. This strategic partnership between Huawei and Malaysia Airlines combines technological capabilities, market expertise, and innovation, bringing exciting opportunities to China’s dynamic tourism industry.”

The partnership also aims to encourage young people to discover the world and broaden their horizons through Malaysia Airlines’ MHexplorer product, which is powered by Huawei’s consumer cloud services, enabling the airline to promote its various benefits and services to the China and Asia Pacific markets.

This collaboration not only demonstrates the close cooperation between Huawei and Malaysia Airlines, but also brings fresh air travel experiences to consumers. In the future, Huawei and Malaysia Airlines will continue to explore and innovate to serve the global tourism market together. With an emphasis on customer-centricity and continuous technological innovation, and driven by sincerity, passion, and hard work, the two companies aim to present an even broader vision to the world.

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