Malaysia ranks second worst country for work-life balance in global survey

Recent research has shown that remoteThe global recruitment services company conducted a survey on work-life balance across the world’s top 60 GDP countries, and the results were interesting, but not exactly what Malaysians would want to read.

This is the highest number of countries out of 60 in the Global Life-Work Balance Index. Japan ranked second from the bottom in this indicator, the worst among Asian countries.

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The study aimed to find out which countries have the best work-life balance by analysing a range of workplace-related factors.

These include:

  • Statutory annual leave (total number of paid holidays, including public holidays)
  • Minimum statutory sick pay (percentage or flat rate wage)
  • Statutory maternity leave (number of weeks of paid leave)
  • Statutory maternity leave benefit rate (% of wages)
  • Minimum wage (USD per hour)* (annual minimum wage (USD) divided by 52 weeks divided by the length of a standard work week) (corrected to USD exchange rate on the date of data collection)
  • Healthcare Status
  • Happiness Index (Global Economy) Score (ranked on a scale of 1-10)
  • Average working hours per week
  • LGBTQ+ inclusivity (EqualDexRanging from 0 to 100, with 100 being the best, the Law Index scores the legal rights and freedoms that LGBTQ+ people have, while the Public Opinion Index scores general public sentiment in each region.
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Remote further explained that it chose to include the top 60 countries by GDP in its study to ensure a global sample and reduce data gaps, notably excluding Russia and Ukraine due to their ongoing conflicts.

New Zealand has the best work-life balance out of 60 countries

The rankings named New Zealand as the country with the best work-life balance, scoring 79.35 out of a possible 100, with Spain and France coming in second and third respectively.

Australia and Denmark round out the top five. Taiwan is the highest ranked Asian country at 16th, followed by Singapore at 19th and Saudi Arabia at 27th.

Malaysia is the second worst country on the index.

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With regards to Malaysia, It scored just 27.51 points out of 100, placing it in 59th place.This makes our country the second worst country on the index after Nigeria.

The study noted that Malaysia has 19 days of statutory annual leave, 14 days of paid maternity leave and a minimum wage of just $1.07 an hour.

Additionally, Remote claimed that Malaysia has a government-funded universal healthcare system, a happiness index of 5.71 out of 10, an average work week of 40.8 hours, and an LGBTQ+ inclusivity index of 9 out of 100.

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So, what do you guys think about Malaysia’s ranking in this survey? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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