BlockDAG $2M Giveaway Excites Crypto Enthusiasts; Dogecoin Recovers While Cosmos Enhances Web3

Dogecoin, the most popular meme coin, is showing signs of recovery, rising 1.8% as noted in a recent price prediction. Meanwhile, Cosmos is pushing forward with Web3 interoperability with the introduction of the Valence protocol, a notable development in the Cosmos world.

Among these updates, BlockDAG has been gaining attention with a $2 million community giveaway, a bold roadmap, and dynamic development releases. With numbers skyrocketing to $53.5 million by Batch 18, BlockDAG’s active development and community engagement efforts indicate its potential for significant growth and widespread adoption.

Cosmos Introduces Valence to Strengthen Web3 Interoperability

Cosmos has announced Valence, a new cross-chain protocol designed to improve Web3 interoperability through the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. Valence aims to strengthen economic connections between crypto-native organizations and strengthen the IBC ecosystem. It supports a range of platforms, including Bitcoin Layer 2, the Ethereum protocol, and the Solana DAO.

Valence aims to amplify liquidity, facilitate a lending protocol-owned liquidity market, and increase transparency on the network. The effort aims to encourage broader adoption of the Cosmos ecosystem and its ATOM currency. Despite the overall cryptocurrency market slump, ATOM is currently trading at $6.53, recording a 22% drop in two weeks, but with a bullish divergence on the weekly RSI. This is a significant development in the ongoing Cosmos story.

Dogecoin Seeks Rebound, Targets $0.1315 Resistance

Dogecoin, a heavyweight meme coin by market capitalization, is recovering from a steep decline. As of June 19, DOGE is up 1.8% to $0.1246. After dropping 31% from a peak of $0.174, it is currently trying to overcome the resistance at $0.1315 in the descending channel.

Above this threshold, DOGE could rise towards $0.150 and possibly even to $0.180. The daily RSI suggests increased buying interest, but a drop below $0.122 could see the price drop towards $0.112 or even to $0.10, in line with our latest forecast.

BlockDAG launches $2 million community giveaway

BlockDAG Network is launching a generous cash prize giveaway to 50 community members. To participate, participants will need to interact on social media, enter their wallet address, take on various quests, and encourage their friends to participate to increase their chances of winning. Winners will be selected randomly and announced on the BlockDAG platform to encourage participation and celebrate community engagement.

The 10% referral bonus is central to BlockDAG’s community engagement strategy, which aims to encourage active participation and organic growth. The effort rewards current members who help expand the project and strengthen their loyalty and collaborative community spirit. Through this community-centric growth strategy, BlockDAG aims to develop a sustainable and dynamic ecosystem, empowering users to take pride in their contributions and foster a sense of belonging.

Additionally, BlockDAG promotes transparency and engagement through its Dev Releases page. The latest, 57th release, implements PoW opcode to increase efficiency and rolls out new tools for developers. The strategic plan includes thorough testing of X1, touted as the top cryptocurrency cloud mining application, to iron out critical bugs and performance hurdles. A soon-to-launch in-house bug bounty program will improve the app’s reliability and performance, improving both user experience and network efficiency. These developments strengthen BlockDAG’s reputation as a strong blockchain ecosystem.


Amid the prospects of Dogecoin’s recovery and Cosmos’ progress in web3, BlockDAG stands out with its comprehensive development strategy and focus on community engagement.

BlockDAG’s $2 million donation, detailed roadmap, and current development releases highlight its commitment to transparency and user-centric progress. Having raised $53.5 million in presales through its 18th batch, BlockDAG has proven itself to be a powerful force in the cryptocurrency space and is cultivating an active and engaged community.

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