Malaysian Education – International Education Expo 2024 – News from the Mission

On Tuesday, 5 March 2024, the Embassy of Malaysia’s Charge d’Affaires Mohamed Shafiq Firdaus attended the International Education Expo 2024 in Islamabad. The event was organised by Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). My goal is To The visit showcased the diverse educational opportunities available to students in Islamabad and surrounding areas of Malaysia. Shafiq was accompanied by First Secretary at the High Commission, Muhammad Zulasli Rosdi.

The 2024 International Education and Research Expo brought together representatives from Malaysia’s leading universities, colleges and educational institutes to provide Pakistani students with first-hand information on available programs, admission requirements, scholarships and more. Participants had the opportunity to interact with academic advisors and faculty members and gain valuable insights into their chosen field of study. Participating universities were: Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, University of Management Science, Cyberjaya University, Tun Abdul Razak University, AIMST University and Tuanku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology.

In his speech, Mohamed Shafiq Firdaus expressed his enthusiasm and support for the research of the International Education Expo 2024. He commended Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) for its efforts in promoting Malaysia as a top destination for international students, and reiterated Malaysia’s commitment to providing quality education to students around the world.

He encouraged Pakistani students to take advantage of the International Education and Research Expo 2024 and explore the various academic programs and scholarships being offered by the Malaysian government and universities as partial or full scholarships. He further said that through education, the two countries can build bridges of friendship and cooperation that will benefit both countries for generations to come.

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