Prime Minister Netanyahu’s plans for a new security system in Gaza are “nonsense” and we will not be safe unless the occupation ends.

The former head of Israel’s security service, the Shin Bet, believes that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to establish a new security posture in Gaza are complete “nonsense.”

In an interview with CNN, Amon Ayalon called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to establish a new security regime in Gaza and create a new security reality for Israel “nonsense.”

Ayalon noted that Netanyahu “knows the Palestinians, he knows they will continue to fight, and he knows that they will not accept any Israeli leadership that does not give the Palestinian people their national freedom and an end to the occupation.”

He added: “Without an end to the occupation, we will not have security, and without an end to the occupation, we will not have democracy. We should not have democracy, we should not have security. This is the end of the Zionist dream, because the Zionist dream is for Israel to have a state with a specific identity.” “Jewish democracy.”

The former Shin Bet chief continued: “This land is ours, but it is not ours alone. We have only two choices: either divide and preserve our identity, or not divide and lose our identity and security as well.”

He explained: “By the way, we Israelis must understand that even today we have two blind spots. What should we learn after October 7? We have chosen perhaps the most horrific moment in history… We must learn, first and foremost, not to be congratulated. We will be safe only if we end the occupation, that’s what Hamas told us, and we should not have a democracy only if we end the occupation… Now we refuse to acknowledge it… If you read the polls, we see more than we have seen up until this moment today. … This is an opportunity that our government does not see. It is possible that Yoav Gallant understands the problem, but does not have the courage to say this because he has to be elected. “

“Political power in a democracy does not lie in the hands of the political leaders… political power resides somewhere in the streets,” he said, adding, “We, the people on the streets, don’t understand that… we are increasingly understanding that… that’s why the demonstrations are important. But this is the reason behind the role of the international community, because the international community has to understand… yes, we have to save ourselves from ourselves, but this is no longer a conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, but rather it is a regional conflict that has huge implications for the international community.”

Ayalon noted that he recalled previously telling General Security Director Ronen Barr: “Look… politicians and political leaders tell you exactly what policy to follow, but I have to tell them again and again, every day, in every meeting, that this policy will lead to a wave of violence.” And he told me: “Amon, this is exactly what I am telling them, but why doesn’t the prime minister listen?” I know why: because he prioritizes his own political survival over the future of Israel. That’s all.

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