Ripple vs. SEC Faces Crucial 14-Day Deadline for XRP Case
  • The SEC and Ripple have until July 8 to file their latest motion to seal portions of the companies’ briefs in the XRP lawsuit.
  • Legal experts say the SEC is now equally interested in a swift resolution to the case, which is now looking increasingly unfavorable to the agency, and a win for Ripple could propel XRP to new heights.

The Ripple vs. SEC case has intensified over the past year after nearly three years of little progress. The next key date is July 8th, which marks a new deadline for both parties to file claims.

The latest battle between Ripple and securities regulators is a motion to seal some of the litigation information to protect Ripple’s business interests. As previously reported by Crypto News Flash, Ripple argues that if some of the trade secrets in court documents were to be leaked to the public, it could affect partnerships and impair its ability to compete with rivals.

As expected, the SEC opposed the move, and now the two sides must amend their motion to seal parts of the brief and file it with the court within 14 days.

While the SEC may lose this battle, this is just the latest in a long list of SEC losses to Ripple in court. When the SEC first filed suit against the California company, many expected the case to be quickly resolved with a multimillion-dollar settlement, as the SEC has done against dozens of cryptocurrency companies.

But Ripple has proven that it is not just a victim to be kicked around by the SEC. Nearly four years later, it looks like Ripple may emerge victorious. As reported by Crypto News Flash, the SEC has settled for only a monetary penalty from Ripple. Even if it does end up like that, the multi-billion dollar demand will be reduced from $2 billion to just over $100 million, and possibly even reduced to around $10 million.

What’s next for XRP?

Ripple lawsuits have plagued XRP for years, and as former Ripple executive Sean McBride pointed out earlier this month, while Ripple has signed a number of new partners over the past year and adoption of XRP has increased, the price remains suppressed – and that’s only because of the lawsuits.

XRP investors are excited as the lawsuit is nearing completion. Major industry players are also backing the token. BitTrue Exchange to Emerge VC, a cryptocurrency investor whose portfolio includes Solana, Binance, and Uniswap.

“we Ripple Emerge recently announced that it has assessed the transformative potential in international payments to make international transactions faster, more efficient and cost-effective. statedhe added.

By partnering with financial institutions around the world, Ripple is streamlining the international payment process, enabling seamless currency exchange and increasing transparency. We believe in Ripple’s vision of building an “Internet of Value” where money moves as easily as information does today.

XRP is trading at $0.4799 after trading sideways over the past day. 3% decrease Its market capitalization has reached $26.5 billion over the past week.

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