$DICE Launches Staking As ICO Tops $1.5M, Posing Strong Competition To Rollbit

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Solana-based GameFi token Mega Dice ($DICE) is doing well and continues to rake in the big jackpots, raising over $1.5 million in its presale.

To further build excitement around the token, Mega Dice’s new staking feature was launched today, allowing holders to easily earn passive income funded by a portion of the platform’s profits.

Currently, the price of $1 DICE is $0.0866, but this presale price will move up to the next tier every 7 days. With only 4 days left until the next price increase begins, there is no time to waste in locking in the lowest price.

With a user base of over 10,000, over $50 million in monthly wagering, and a community of over 35,000 on X and 14,000 on Telegram, Mega Dice is undoubtedly leading the crypto casino space.

The platform’s native token, $DICE, is at the heart of transaction across a wide range of gaming and betting opportunities. The token offers holders a wealth of benefits, from lucrative rewards and cashback to exclusive promotions where thousands of dollars can be won.

A DEX listing is also planned, which could lead to a surge in liquidity and a price surge that could overtake Rollbit ($RLB).

Don’t miss out on this platform’s winning streak – secure your $DICE tokens now.

As GameFi grows, so do the opportunities for MegaDice

There is no question about GameFi’s dominance in the cryptocurrency industry. It is one of the largest sectors by market volume. Projected to reach $90.51 billion by 2023.

To date, it has acted as a pillar of strength during the crypto winter, acting as a gateway and drawing a ton of new users into the space.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have had a major impact on the gaming world by unlocking new in-game economies and increasing user engagement.

The gaming community’s love for GameFi is clear, with the combined value of all tokens reaching $17.1 billion, with Gala ($GALA), Axie Infinity ($AXS), and Sandbox ($SAND) leading the way with market caps of $952 million, $875 million, and $746 million, respectively.

Now, the arrival of Mega Dice has brought about the ultimate marriage of cryptocurrency and online casino, bringing attention to the $DICE token and its exciting prospects.

$DICE will soon be the first choice for all online casino and sports betting transactions

Due to transaction speed and anonymity, cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming the currency of choice for online gambling over fiat currencies.

In 2021, Cryptocurrency emerges as third most popular payment method For sports betting, according to Tech Report.

According to a SoftSwiss report, by 2023 Cryptocurrency bets up 50.5% Bitcoin (BTC) is leading the way on a year-over-year basis.

$DICE is poised to lead these developments as it aims to enhance what cryptocurrency can offer online bettors.

For example, $DICE is the main currency of the Mega Dice website, which currently hosts over 4,500 games including slots, live casino, game shows and sports betting.

Mega Dice also boasts a robust sportsbook where you can bet on over 60 sports with competitive odds.

Players can also play with their $DICE holdings. Megadice Casino Bot for Telegramintegrating the functionality of the Telegram wallet.

Therefore, it is quite possible that $DICE will become the preferred token for all betting transactions.

In the near future, we may see $DICE’s utility expand across the cryptocurrency market.

Get ready for passive income and profit sharing: Mega Dice staking launches

In addition to being the primary currency for betting transactions at Mega Dice Casino, owning $DICE is like owning a share in the entire casino operation, as well as being a smart shareholder in a profitable online casino business.

This is made possible through MegaDice Staking, which launched on Wednesday.

Token holders who stake $DICE will earn daily rewards tied to the performance of Mega Dice Casino.

On top of that, Mega Dice has allocated as much as 42 million tokens exclusively for staking, and will be doling out rewards on an hourly basis over a two-year distribution plan.

This schedule allows users to earn more and more over time, significantly increasing their earnings.

Reward distribution will begin 24 hours after staking begins, so everyone has a fair chance to earn rewards.

Staked tokens can be claimed at the end of the presale or after the lock-up period ends.

$DICE: Solana’s new GameFi crypto asset is set to surge 100x in the next bull market

What really sets Mega Dice apart from other GameFi projects like Rollbit is the generous rewards it offers holders.

Owning $DICE allows users to enjoy a variety of benefits, including cashback rewards, potential airdrop rewards, and exclusive NFT rewards.

For example, the airdrop reward will give qualifying users the chance to share in a share of a $2.25 million allocation.

To qualify, users must remain active on the website and reach a stake of $5,000 within 21 days.

New users are welcomed with an attractive bonus of 200% up to 1 BTC and 50 free spins.

Considering these all-encompassing advantages, it’s no wonder that YouTuber Jon Trading predicts that $DICE could be the next 100x token in the 2024 bull market.

By participating in the $DICE ICO, you can easily earn more rewards

The presale will offer some great perks, including a referral program that allows users to earn a hefty 10% commission on every referral investment.

Plus, presale participants will receive additional $DICE tokens just for purchasing tokens – making the most of your invested dollars couldn’t be easier.

These perks are only available to early investors. To participate, simply connect your wallet to the Mega Dice website and exchange $DICE for $USDT, $ETH, $BNB, or $SOL. The presale will end when it reaches its hard cap of $10 million.

Join the Mega Dice community and stay up to date on the latest Mega Dice news. X and telegram.

Mega Dice is leading the crypto casino space and is the #1 SOL GameFi token. Buy $DICE tokens now to join this groundbreaking platform.

MegaDice – The newest GambleFi token

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