DJI Has An E-Bike Called Amflow PL; Launches In Europe Within Q4 2024

Popular drone brand DJI has been in and out of US scrutiny multiple times, even before this year’s potential ban in said market. But since this recent episode involves the company’s drones specifically, the brand has been diversifying what it makes and sells. A result of said diversification process, interestingly, is an e-bike. Or more specifically, an e-mountain bike (eMTB) called the Amflow PL.

Considering the product category, the DJI Amflow PL looks a lot like the average mountain bike at a glance, and you’ll have to take a closer look to tell that there’s more than meets the eye. And probably the first thing to be noticed once you’ve gotten a closer look is the 2-inch OLED touchscreen on the frame. This shows real-time riding data, estimated range, and other setup options. There’s also the Avinox app connectivity, that allows you to check its real-time location, set up an anti-theft mode, tweak power and torque settings, as well as reverse charging when needed.

DJI Amflow PL reverse chargeDJI Amflow PL reverse charge
Source: DJI via TechRadar.

Speaking of frame, TechRadar reports that the DJI Amflow PL takes 27.5- and 29-inch wheels. Being an e-bike, the DJI Amflow PL comes with a bunch of sensors on board to adjust the amount of electric riding assistance based on riding resistance. There’s also a few riding modes to choose from, which are Auto, Eco, Trail, Turbo and Boost. The Avinox Drive System that powers the bike is capable of 105Nm of torque, with a peak output of 850W. There are 600Wh and 800Wh battery options, with the company claiming that the latter can go from flat to 75% with 90 minutes of charging.

DJI Amflow PL Avinox Drive SystemDJI Amflow PL Avinox Drive System
Source: DJI via Engadget.

The DJI Amflow PL has no price yet, but Engadget reports that it will have a price range between EUR7,000 (~RM35,533) and EUR12,000 (~RM60,914). It will also be released in Q4 of this year “through authorised dealers in Germany, the UK and Australia”, weirdly enough. Judging from its price though, I’d be very surprised if it became available in the local market.

(Source: Engadget , TechRadar)

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