HK again sizzles in ‘very hot weather’


People are advised to stay indoors or avoid prolonged exposure to the sun

The “very hot weather warning”
was raised today by the Observatory, as the temperature surged to 34 degrees Celsius
in certain parts of the city, including Stanley in Hong Kong island and Yuen Long
Park in the New Territories.

The heat wave is forecast to
continue until the weekend, when temperatures could rise to 34 degrees in the
urban areas and 36 degrees in the New Territories on Saturday, despite isolated

With the very hot weather warning
in force, residents are warned to stay indoors as much as possible, drink
sufficient water, rest or seek help immediately if feeling unwell.


If symptoms such as dizziness, headache, nausea, shortness of
breath or confusion develop, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Elderly persons, pregnant women, infants and children, those with
chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure as well as the obese are more
vulnerable to heat stroke.

When doing outdoor activities, drink more water and avoid over exertion.
If feeling unwell, take a rest in the shade or cooler place. Perform outdoor
activities in the morning or late afternoon.

If indoors, keep windows open if there is no air-conditioning and
use electric fans. Drink water regularly. Go to air-conditioned public places
to cool off if the heat becomes unbearable.

To avoid sunstroke and sunburn, avoid prolonged
exposure to the sun. Light-colored and air-permeable clothing, wide-brimmed
hats, sunglasses with UV protection and sunscreen lotion of at least SPF 15 can
help reduce the chance of sunburn and solar UV radiation.

Last month, the very hot weather
warning was issued for more than a week, indicating temperatures hitting 33
degrees or more.

The heatwave matched the record set
in 2016, when the warning was issued for nine straight days in June.

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