Leaked 10-page Israeli document reveals Tel Aviv plans to relocate Gaza residents to Egypt

Leaked documents from the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence reveal plans by Tel Aviv to relocate Gaza residents to Egypt.

The leaked document dates back to October 2023 and refers to the “forced” relocation of Gaza residents to the Sinai Peninsula, noting that this will “achieve positive long-term strategic outcomes.”

The leaked recommendations outlined a three-step process that would include “establishing tent cities in Sinai, opening humanitarian corridors, building a city in North Sinai, and not allowing residents to operate or live near the Israeli border.”

The document describes Israeli Intelligence Minister Gila Gamaliel as a strong supporter of the relocation plan and as someone who recommended transferring Gaza residents to the Sinai Peninsula at the end of the war.

An official Ministry of Intelligence document has recommended to security agencies that the complete transfer of all Gaza residents to North Sinai be the preferred option among three options proposed for the future of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The document recommended that Israel “evacuate Gaza’s population to the Sinai Peninsula” in the event of war, and that the world, led by the United States, should mobilize to carry out this step.

The 10-page document is dated October 13 and includes the logo of the Ministry of Information.

The document also clearly and explicitly recommends the removal of civilians from Gaza as a desired outcome of the war.

The relocation plan is divided into several phases: in the first phase, Gaza’s population will be evacuated to the south while air attacks will be concentrated in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, and in the second phase, a ground invasion of Gaza will begin, occupying the entire strip from north to south and clearing out the underground hideouts of Hamas fighters.

Upon occupation of the Gaza Strip, Gaza residents will be forced to move to Egyptian territory and leave the Strip, but will not be allowed to return permanently.

“It is crucial to keep the southern corridor open for the evacuation of civilians towards Rafah,” the document said.

Although an Intelligence Ministry official confirmed that the document was authentic, having been distributed to security agencies on behalf of the ministry’s policy department and that it should never have reached the media, the Calcalist website was able to obtain it and publish its contents.

An Information Ministry source said its officials were behind the recommendations.

The source stressed that the Ministry of Defence’s study was “not based on military intelligence” and was only being used as a basis for internal government discussions.

In the document, he proposes mounting a campaign to motivate Gazans to “agree to the plan” and give up their land, explaining that the message should focus on the loss of the land – making it clear that there is no longer any hope of returning to Israeli-occupied land in the foreseeable future.

“God has ensured that you will lose this land because of the Hamas leadership. Your only option is to move elsewhere with the help of your Muslim brothers,” the document said.

The document further states that the government should lead a national campaign to promote the transfer plan in Western countries “in a manner that does not incite or denigrate Israel,” and that the transfer of residents from Gaza should be presented as a humanitarian necessity that would garner international support because it would “incur fewer civilian casualties than expected and those left behind.”

The document also states that the United States should be mobilized in this measure to pressure Egypt to accept Gaza’s residents, and other European countries, especially Greece, Spain and Canada, should be mobilized to help accept and resettle Gaza’s residents.

The Intelligence Ministry said the document was not distributed through it to US officials, but only to Israeli government and security services.

The Intelligence Ministry document was first leaked in a small internal WhatsApp group of right-wing pro-Israel activists.

According to one of the activists, the document from the Ministry of Intelligence reached them through the intermediary of a “Likud member.”

Regarding this challenge, the document states that Egypt is “obliged under international law to allow the population to pass” and that the US can contribute to this effort by “applying pressure to Egypt, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia,” while the UAE will contribute to the effort by providing resources and hosting displaced persons.

In the document, he proposes launching a campaign against Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Libya and Tunisia.

Finally, the document stated that “mass migration” of residents from combat zones was a “natural and inevitable consequence.”

“The most dangerous option”

The document presents two further options for the inhabitants of Gaza the day after the war: the first is to introduce Palestinian Authority rule in Gaza, and the second is to introduce an alternative Arab rule in Gaza to replace Hamas.

He argues that neither option is strategically or security desirable for Israel and would not send a strong enough message, particularly to Lebanon’s Hezbollah, as a deterrent against the October 7 attacks.

The study’s authors argued that incorporating a Palestinian Authority into the Gaza Strip is the “most dangerous option” of the three options because it could “lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

“We must not forget that divisions among the Palestinian people are today one of the main obstacles to the establishment of a Palestinian state, and the outcome of the October 7 attacks cannot be an unprecedented victory for the Palestinian national movement, paving the way for the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

The document argues that the model of Israeli military rule and Palestinian Authority civilian rule adopted in the West Bank is expected to fail in Gaza, that there is no way to maintain an effective military occupation of the Gaza Strip without building settlements and relying on a military presence, and that there will soon be domestic and international demands for withdrawal.

The document’s authors added that in such circumstances Israel would be considered a colonial power with an occupying army, but that it is worse than that to rule there today.

The final option, the formation of a local Arab leadership to replace Hamas, is undesirable, according to what is written in the document, because there is no local movement to rival Hamas and the new leadership may be more radical. As the document states regarding this option, the likely scenario is not an ideological change in perception, but rather the creation of a new, possibly more radical, Islamic movement.

Finally, it is argued that the remaining Gaza residents in the Strip would result in many deaths during the expected occupation of Gaza and would do more to damage Israel’s international image than expulsion. For these reasons, the Ministry of Information recommends encouraging the permanent relocation of all Gaza residents to Sinai.


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