Macrokiosk Chiptan Malaysia thrives with customers in 37 countries and revenue of $63.6 million
  • 5,000 customers in 37 countries with over 10 million end-user interactions every day
  • Supports 24 different vertical orientations Omnichannel communication, EVs and robots coming soon

Malaysia’s Digital Minister Gobind Singh Deo yesterday visited Macrokiosk Malaysia, Asia’s leading enterprise solutions company, to officially open its office in the Green Building Index (GBI) Gold certified office tower to celebrate the company’s 24th anniversary as a proud Chiptan Malaysian company. The office is spread across 35 floors, with a total floor area of ​​21,000 sq ft and is home to around 200 employees.

Visiting Macrokiosk for the second time since 2019, Govind lauded the company’s progress over the past five years and said it has set an example of how Ciptaan Malaysia (established in Malaysia) companies have driven innovation in digital solutions across Asia and the world, playing their role on the global stage by serving over 5,000 customers in 37 countries across 24 industries. The company plans to add two more industries – robotics and electric vehicles. “My heartfelt congratulations to Macrokiosk as it turns 24 this month. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, it has set a benchmark for excellence in its industry. Its efforts in developing a robust digital platform have enabled the company to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in a rapidly evolving market,” said Govind. LinkedIN Post Their success “shows that Malaysian innovation is on par with, or even better than, that of developed countries”, he said.

Govind was on hand for a first look to see how Macrokiosk has successfully integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into the enterprise solutions platform it is launching for businesses.

Macrokiosk co-founder and CEO Kenny Goh said the new office will catapult Macrokiosk into its next phase of growth in the development and deployment of digital solutions relevant to business and everyday life.

Macrokiosk, one of the first Malaysian companies to achieve MSC Pioneer status in 2001, has come a long way and now has a multinational talent pool spanning 18 countries with up to 80% of its total workforce of 250 based in its Malaysian office. The company has been participating in MDEC’s Gateway, Amplification, Invest, Nurturing (GAIN) program since 2017.

“As a company that translates digital technology into functional solutions for business and everyday life, we are proud that the Macrokiosk enterprise solutions platform was developed in Malaysia and serves millions of users daily around the world, including more than 40 banking and financial services companies across Asia,” said Kenny.

Serving 5,000 clients across 37 countries translates to more than 10 million end-user interactions per day on its enterprise solutions platform, translating to more than 8 billion transactions per year for the company, with expected revenue of US$63.6 million (RM300 million) in 2023.

“It is our mission to promote Macrokiosk as Ciptaan Malaysia’s enterprise solutions platform company and play an active role in the country’s digital transformation roadmap,” said Kenny, adding, “We underpin more than 90% of Malaysia’s digital solutions engagements.”

Mahathir Aziz, CEO of MDEC, who was present on Govind’s visit, said, “Macro Kiosk has established itself as a platform market leader for enterprise solutions across Asia, exemplifying the spirit of innovation and resilience that characterizes our country’s technology landscape. We are pleased to witness Macro Kiosk’s exciting efforts in alignment with Digital Malaysia (MD)’s goal of transforming Malaysia into a digital-led, high-income regional leader in the digital economy.”

Founded in 2000 by three Malaysian brothers, Kenny Goh, Henry Goh and CS Goh, Macrokiosk helps businesses acquire, grow and retain customers through its enterprise solution platform that provides omni-channel communications, multi-channel payments, analytical engagement and actionable marketing to drive the efficiency of their business communications and customer engagement.

Gobind and the staff at Macrokiosk.


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