Tel Aviv Republican Party launches pro-Trump campaign called “True Friends of Israel”

The Republican Party of Israel launched a presidential campaign on Wednesday endorsing Republican candidate, former U.S. President Donald Trump.

Tel Aviv Republicans have launched a campaign in support of Trump.

Israeli media said the campaign was launched against the backdrop of growing criticism among party members of US Democratic President Joe Biden’s policy towards Israel and the war with Hamas.

Media reported that the main campaign slogan will be “Trump is a true friend of Israel” and will be designed in the colors of the US election campaign logo.

According to statistics from the Republican Party of Israel, there are approximately 500,000 voting American citizens in Israel, about 85% of whom belong to the Republican Party, giving them the power to influence the votes of voters in “battleground states.”

Meanwhile, Mark Zell, an attorney representing the Republican Party of Israel, said, “The United States under the Biden administration has chosen to prioritize pro-Palestinian voices and abandon the state of Israel and its security.”

“Today, more than ever, the State of Israel needs true friends it can count on even in times of crisis,” he added.

He continued: “The Republican Party has always considered Israel’s welfare to be America’s first interest, and will continue to do so. To that end, we must agree to select its candidate, former President Donald Trump, who has stood to the right of Israel throughout his presidency and has proven his commitment to being Israel’s greatest friend.”

In the last presidential election in 2020, 25% of Americans voted in Israel, and this time the Republicans have set a goal of reaching 60% of the vote in Israel.

In about two weeks, Israel’s Republican Party leadership will attend the Republican Convention in the United States to ratify President Trump’s nomination and select the country’s next vice president.

The party headquarters also noted that voter registration for the election has already begun in all states in the United States and urged all voters to register now so they can exercise their right on Election Day.


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