Wise Says Some Customers’ Data Affected In US Fintech Data Breach

Wise, the financial institution known for providing some affordable rates with international money transfers, recently admitted that some of its customers’ data may have been stolen in the security breach of the US-based Evolve Bank and Trust that took place in May. Not only that, the data could also be on the verge of being leaked, should the bank choose not to pay the hacker’s ransom.

“Evolve Bank & Trust is a regulated bank that we worked with from 2020 until 2023 to provide USD account details. They’ve recently been affected by a data breach and some Wise customers’ personal information may have been involved,” Wise said in an official statement. “We’ll be emailing all Wise customers who we think may have been affected by this data breach directly.”

Wise Card Support Apple Google Pay MalaysiaWise Card Support Apple Google Pay Malaysia
Image: Wise

Again, the client accounts affected by the breach appear to be based in the US, so if you’re based outside of the country, you’re personal data with the financial institution should technically be safe. To that end, Wise affirms that the data breach did not impact its own systems.

(Source: Wise, 9to5Mac, TechCrunch)

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